But histories assume you know a toon name.

If you create a completely different battle.net account to play on, none of that info would connect.


Then your only option is to continue reporting.

Put all of them on ignore, never comment or reply back, report each time they whisper, then also put in a ticket for ongoing harassment every single time.

I can 100% tell you that they will get actioned for this.


Oh, yeah. You could do that and disappear.

They cannot:

Other players on your realm will be unable to use the old name for 90 days. Characters on your World of Warcraft account can still use your old character name during that time. After completing an Appearance Change, the character cannot have their appearance or name changed again for three days.

How, exactly, did they stalk you all the way over from another game and somehow find out what your character name is and what guild you’re in?

Edit: nevermind! Missed that explanation and just found it while scrolling back through again.


I didn’t state they were tracking through my battle.net. I asked why can’t an ignore span all their characters inworld? I have not said anything about a shard, so not sure what you are referring to there.

Of course there is more to the story, but i’m not going to drop names, or spread info about ppl that are doing the targeting, plus the unfriending was initially thru another gaming platform (which i stated in original post). There is a history to these ppl, nor am i going to violate their privacy with what i know of them.

I just want more privacy! Hide guild, hide guild activity.

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You said

So they somehow found out your new battletag name?

You said they find you in the open world. That means they are able to get into the same shard as you. They talk to you in local, etc chat. That is extremely difficult, next to impossible to do on purpose without being invited to a group.


So are you or are you not being messaged right now? They couldn’t have found you again if you switched your entire battle.net account.

OP, the forum appreciates the request * for more privacy features involving guilds* but something just seems ‘off’ with all this.

*Edit, added in clarification right there.


I’ve actually clarified these points in other replies.

I posted, since that is what support suggested i do, since feedback is used for improvements of game. I wasn’t going to write a book or violate other ppl’s privacy to get my point across. I just want more privacy inworld! that’s it!

Do they have you on Battlenet at all ?

EDIT: Sorry, i wasn’t completely aware of this updated policy Blizzard has about Harassment claims via tickets, and that the offended names have to stay in the ignore list for Blizzard to even deem it a Harassment claim.

So the whole screen-capturing method is out the window i guess; i don’t quite understand the reasoning behind it, but there it is.

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No thank goodness. but i am guessing they also know if they try to message me, their messages can be used for a report. They aren’t stupid.



If they unblock them, and respond to them blizz will not consider it harassment.


Thank your for your response, I will follow your suggestions.

Yeah, I saw that. It’s why I put an edit at the bottom of my post.

I understand that, but hiding your guild seems a bit odd to me. I’m not exactly sure that’s going to solve anything and it doesn’t sound like it’s beneficial to anyone in any way. It would be especially annoying to those recruiting and those who have their guild hidden to constantly have to deal with “want to join my guild?” and “i’m already in one” on a consistent basis. You also have to keep in mind that guilds and characters are listed on the armory page and keep track of all sorts of things.

If you can’t somehow swap Bnet accounts, then there’s not much else to be done. Bnet and WoW aren’t consistently compatible and became even less compatible with showing offline once Communities were introduced, along with the Quick Join feature.

Eh… sounds like Blizzard has been responding to this type of thing for so long, they found a way to micro-manage behavior so they don’t have to deal with anything directly.

That’s pretty crappy.

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Did you ever have them on Battletag .

if so just changing your battle tag would not remove them from your list.

I would double check and if they are there I would recommend removing them from your friends list.

Because if they are on it and you log on they can use that to check what server you are on and as for finding what guild all they have to do is
/ who [character name] and that will show what guild you are in .


Waidmann’s heil O.o…Good to know.

If you are trying to report them for harassment don’t follow that suggestion

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I’ve changed mine before but not for that reason . My original was my name and abbreviation for my state. I just decided to change it to the original version of this toon’s name when it was a goblin (Weid instead of Waid)

And good catch on the name reference .

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