Not only that, but apparently they are spending 10 dollars/day to do this as well, with daily name changes being rotated on a variety of toons that are infiltrating (sometimes?) the person’s guild.

I am just sorta…skeptical about the full story and I am not surprised that Blizzard opted to do nothing.

A lot of things don’t quite make sense.


Whups on your part.

But your privacy IS protected. That’s the point.

It used to be that a player had to ignore each and every character the person they ignored made, but yes they could make it so that if I ignore on one character it counts for all of my characters. That actually makes sense.

Well in my opinion, players can choose who to add to their friends list, who to ignore, whether they want to join a guild or not, etc. I don’t think guildies should be able to hide from their guild or other players. I think there are cons where players can just leave a guild or not join, but that’s a difference in opinion.

You said you switched servers and names? Just to clarify.


I tried to reply initially to the original post on this, edited and wound up removing it. I did not know of the cooldown, but he has many characters (as i said he is a seasoned player), so im sure he is rotating them.

I’ve already submitted a ticket, and their response was: write in forums, since they take feedback for improvements to game.

Just because you have not experienced that, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Some people are downright malicious. It takes all kinds in this game.

If i could have more privacy on what shows publicly to other players, i could at least move thru the game without being harassed. I don’t think that is asking too much.

Be skeptical. Not everyone has good intentions. Some will enjoy targeting others, for a sense of power.


Well the thing is, just parts of your story just don’t quite make sense.

They infiltrate your guild. Allegedly. Never went into detail how you “suspected” this. Or how they can regularly do so.

They someone how find you regularly out in the world, and get into your same shard. (which I find next to impossible to do on purpose as it is)

Spending 10 dollars/day just to annoy you.

Just enough things that are just slightly off that I feel like I am missing part of the story.


If you are using TRP, you may want to opt out of the “looking for RP” option that is on by default.


Yes, i switched battletag, realm, name (multiple times) & race. Even being in different realms though, we all still wind up being visible to other players within other realms.

I didn’t post this to be a victim. I have been dealing with this for 4 months now. I just wanted to submit feedback, as was suggested when i submitted a ticket about privacy. Thanks

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I am genuinely curious how they were able to allegedly find you again after all of that.

Once again, something that doesnt quite make sense.

4 months x 30 days per month x 10 dollars per name change = 1200 dollars just to bug you.

Thats impressive.


And sort of the scope where I’d consider involving the police IRL, tbh.


Definitely. Especially if this person can instantly track you when you change to a new battle.net account.


Well, they can easily find my guild by moving their mouse over my character - guild name is not hidden. Join guild, they can see when i join a dungeon or battleground queue.

How is that hard to imagine? Secondly they state nasty stuff in local (which i recently turned off) telling me who they are.

I clarified in a later reply- he has multiple characters - so he may be rotating. I was not aware of the 3 day cooldown. How many alt characters can a person have? What is the max? I honestly don’t know. As i said he is a seasoned player.

I just want more privacy. that’s it.


If it’s bad enough where it won’t stop all you can do is keep reporting it until Blizzard does something, don’t ever reply to any of them. Put a ticket in each time they whisper you also. Tickets keep the paper trail going, there’s actually an option for ongoing harassment, at least there used to be. I know for a fact that players can and will be banned for this.

never reply to them or it’s not considered harassmemt.

other than that your only option is to remove anyone from your friends list that may know them, pay for a name change and/or server change, and disappear from your guild.


At first, I was asking myself why a group of people would go to the trouble of doing this until I saw you start using ‘he’ and ‘him’ instead of ‘they’ and ‘them’. A single person doing it makes a lot more sense, especially if there was some sort of romantic feelings/attraction involved which I suspect is probably the case here.

Anyway, while the options available to you as far as in-game goes aren’t very comprehensive at all, I think one of the best things you can do is going about your normal routine and acting as though the guy doesn’t even exist. No ignoring, no responding, no changing names or anything…just go total ghost mode on them. Eventually, the complete lack of reaction is likely to bore them and they’ll head off.

That, or talk through it. This is obviously on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from the above, but if it’s possible to just sit down and have a conversation about the situation, maybe that can bring closure to what sounds like wasn’t a very amicable parting.

That doesn’t change how the rest of your story doesn’t quite make sense.

Tracking you through a battle.net account change/server change/name change.

Finding your shard in the open world.

That part is very hard to imagine.

Its why I feel there is more to the story.

If they actually stated “nasty stuff” in a chat channel, then you can report them.


I don’t wish to leave my guild. :frowning:
Thank you for your response. I just thought i’d inquire.

It’s not really hard to find someone at all, tbh. A little digging can go a long way. I’ll admit I didn’t read the whole OP or what yalls conversation was though. Just saw that part and wanted to comment.


Do you know this person IRL?


Its not hard to find someone if you dont know their toon name, race, server name, or battle.tag?

All these things were claimed to have been changed.


I’m guessing you are older than 30. It seems to be a kid thing now a days. If your not then you were raised right.

That is correct, actually. There are places you can find history on people. There’s all sorts of info out there.

I don’t know where it is now, but I actually found a site that can fully list out your alts and stuff. was surprised when they not only had all my toons on frostwolf, but other servers on there as well that they pegged as me.

I think it had to do something with achievements being account shared. not sure though.