[H][Area-52] <Slightly Impressive> 9/10M LF DPS

Who We Are :
We are a 9/10M CN guild filled with experienced Mythic Raiders with previous CE players looking for a couple more DPS/Heals to round out our roster. We have a core team of people with high aspirations and experienced leadership to help make those aspirations a reality.

What Are Our Goals?:
We are actively trying for Cutting Edge this tier with the understanding that we are getting a pretty late start. We expect consistent Cutting Edge going forward with aspirations for Hall of Fame in future tiers.

Raid Times:
Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday: 8pm-11pm EST

Currently Recruiting:
We are currently looking at all exceptional DPS applicants, however we have a particular interest in the following classes:

Shadow Priest/Fire Mage/Boomy/UH DK

What Do We Expect From You?:
With the goals that we have, we expect our raiders to maintain a certain level of performance inside and outside of raid. We expect the following from you:

-Maintain the character you raid on (Do your weekly m+ for vault, renown weeklies etc)

-Near perfect attendance (excluding emergencies, holidays etc) – If you ever cannot make a raid, we want you to call out ideally a week in advance. We understand real life happens, but we also want our raiders to understand that 19 other people are relying on you to uphold your commitment to raid during our raid times.

-Come to raid prepared (fights researched, consumables ready etc) – Guild will generally provide cauldrons, but we do expect you to have personals in the event that a cauldron is not used.

-Be open to constructive criticism – We actively go over our logs and find ways we can improve. If you happen to be one of those ways, please be openminded and not take it personally.


Contact Info:
BTag Amii#11113
Disc Tsukiihi#0001

Healing Officer:
BTag Corv#11256
Disc Corv#1714

BTag Dthbyme#1292
Disc Dthbyme#8479


what are raid times?

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they are in the post :smiley:

Looking for a RSHAM/ELESHAM
Also interested in a shadow priest, aff lock and boomy.

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Apply!!! We need RDPS

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and a healer :smiley:

How inclusive are you guys?


Were pretty inclusive. A great raider with an exceptional growth mindset is always high valued

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Come get your CE achieve folks!

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Actively Recruiting!!!

JOIN THIS GUILD FOR CE AND A GOOD TIME. Slightly Impressive is a guild of like-minded, friendly, intelligent and exceptional raiders / m+ pushers. The guild master/officers are all very motivated who put in 200% of their effort in order to enable the guild to continue progressing. Join slightly Impressive if you’re willing to raid with other CE-motivated players as well as making some new friends along the way!

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it’s me, Yaboie!

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We are so close to the end of the tier! Come and get CE before 9.1 :slight_smile:

It’s me, yaboie!

Still recruiting a fire mage, boomy and unh dk! Apply to start sire prog immediately!

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If you want to be in the top 1% of all WoW players, you should apply :smiley:

Still recruiting an unholy dk, boomy, spriest and/or aff lock!

We are on Sire!!! Come help us end the tier strong!!

Still filling out our roster. Half way through Sire Prog!

Yo! Come get CE with us. Literally free

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