Hamstring Reduces the Proc Rate of Nightfall in 2020

So is there no longer any benefit to seal twisting with the knowledge now that GCD does affect NF?

None of this discussion about what the best weapon is for the ooze boss is relevant. You should be auto-attacking til you have 200 hits. You can do this with a level 5 dagger and Frost Oil; the damage you do literally doesn’t matter during this phase.

there was never a noticeable benefit to seal twisting for added dps or nightfall uptime, but now we know it is actively detrimental.

If you are using nightfall, just use SoC (or SoR if you lack it) and only use GCDs exactly 1.0s into your swing timer (after your seal would hit).

Yes it was. You want to get the most frost hits possible. With some weapons using instant attacks gets you more procs, with others you would be reducing the proc count (especially with dual wielding). It’s kind of important to know which you are using, which setup gets the most procs, and what you should do to get that result.

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Why, so that you can freeze the boss 5 seconds earlier?

Basically. If you are going to send melee in at all during that phase you might as well do it right and minimize the damage they are taking with an efficient freeze.


So we were right all along, or in other words…

I told you…

^^^so nice of you to unlist the 2nd report above^^^


Doesn’t SoR generate more procs on average than SoC for maximizing Nightfall uptime?

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Since judgenent of command can trigger it, but judgement of righteousness can not, they end up very close.

SoC just does a heck of a lot more personal DPS, and that added nightfall uptime pretty much can’t make up that difference save extreme raid comps.

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Is the whole “These weapon procs don’t work with GCD” thing just from the 1.12 reference, Vanilla as a whole, or the Issue that was fixed in 1.12.1 that was noted as “Fixed an issue where weapon procs will now work with instant abilities.”

Similar to how this 1.12.1 also fixed the Blade of Eternal Darkness proc-ing on non-damaging spells.


Hi Everyone,

I’m resurrecting this thread because we felt it was important to swing back around to this issue after revisiting it internally. Coming with patch 1.13.6, we will be removing the data flag that prevents many items such as Nightfall, Hammer of the Northern Wind, and Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros from proccing while the bearer is on the Global Cooldown.

While we are still reasonably sure that this data flag was set on at least some of these items for a reason, we spent a lot of time discussing this as a team and also even speaking with a few developers who were around during the development of original WoW, and never really were able to pin down what exactly that reason was. Ultimately we landed on the idea that forcing a few specific items to obey the GCD (while many, many others in the game don’t) doesn’t seem to add much other than making these items feel bad to use, which seemed hard to justify considering that removing this flag isn’t likely to really make any of these items suddenly become so much stronger as to cause a dramatic impact on overall performance in max-level content.

So, not being able to say with 100% certainty why these items behaved the way they did, we made a call, and decided to err on the side of fun. We felt it was important that we let you know where we landed on this one and why in a post, rather than just having this show up as a single line in the patch notes with sparse explanation. Everyone on the dev team are players ourselves, and we spend a lot of time discussing how to handle things like this. At the end of the day we know that perfect authenticity is ultimately impossible, and at least we can do our best to keep Classic fun, in the “spirit” of the original game.

Thank you for all of the commentary on this and many other issues and thank you for being passionate about what makes WoW Classic cool and fun.


Please do more of this. I think you can probably tell that the majority of people would rather you do this than strictly adhere to some “No-changes” philosophy that doesn’t appear to be very consistent.

Buff caps really put a damper on Druid healing fun. Debuff caps really throw Warlock class identity into the trash.

Thanks for the post.


Finally they did something good for the game. I can’t believe it.


I hope you guys understand that this is the kind of “Classic+” things that we wanted in Phase 1. Pservers, specifically Nost and Kronos, should have been a teaching lesson as to what works well and what doesn’t.

This is great you guys are investing back into a matter like this, but sadly it might be a little too late :frowning: Perhaps good news for TBC though, right? Get you guys on track with the community perhaps…?

Now how about removing batching that we didn’t want? It’s even hard coded into TBC as well and people are going to freak when they get screwed out of kills or saves in Arena’s next year, haha.


I agree with this 100%, however we shouldn’t throw balance out the window when enabling new things. Anything that’s likely to greatly upset balance should include some sort of compensation to keep the balance.

Sometimes a change that makes things more challenging ends up being more fun. Not all changes should be buffs to the players.


PLEASE extend this thinking to the entire game.


Please oh please extend this to putting a sated effect for drums in bc!


So… Are we going to be able to restore the Nightfall we vendored/DEed/Destroyed months ago when you told us it doesn’t work, and you weren’t gonna fix it?


Does this fix also apply to Frost and Shadow oils?


Does anyone know if BRE and Dark Edge were also affected by the GCD prevention penalty as well? If so, would they too be affected by this change?

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