Halflings for alliance

what if him and the kultiran teamed up and pinned you down

Then you still have dwarves.

what if a dwarf, gnome, goblin, and hobbit surrounded you and watned to make a 1/2 and 1/2

Then I advise treatment

what would you treat yourself with

The only thing that could help would be an over stimulus of gnomes so that you develop a healthy fear of them.

Next you will be freed of your torment and will deal with them appropriately.

With fire.

so if youhad 1000 gnomes all over you would yoiu not eb scared of them anymore LOL

And, here me out …

– Halflings for Horde! :partying_face:

That being said as well, considering majority of the Quel’Thalassian elves are Horde (Both canon and also in-game) — Who’s to say a half-human / half-elf wouldn’t join their Elven parent’s faction: In the Horde? :thinking:

— That being said, it’d be a cool neutral race Blizz could experiment with - and have their lore center around them trying to find their own culture and flavour in the world of divided peoples; I feel the neutral concept would work a lot better than it did with Pandaren because of it.

so you want them neutral so they can be alliance and horde??

Well for some halflings they’re half Horde too. So why not.

More RP and lore opportunities too that way as well, along with compelling story telling with their conflicting ties and so forth.

You could have a halfling that was sided with the Horde, but had their Alliance parent counterpart slain and furiously joined the Alliance for retribution – and vise-versa (Horde parent slain, joined the Horde in retaliation).

They could have a handful of intriguing and interesting characters with halflings as a neutral race. If they did away with factions, they might be a clever stepping stone to portray it story-wise as well.

You’re describing Hobbits.


Dont WoW races have to like… exist in WoW and not some other franchise?

Anyway, next expansion I expect to see Naga playable for Horde and Tuskarr for Alliance.

You should make a post; ALL THE THINGS FOR THE ALLIANCE!


Even if halflings are technically different than gnomes and dwarves, aren’t they kind of redundant in a game that already has gnomes and dwarves? Maybe I’m just not far enough into tolkienesque/D&D type settings but I feel like any physical differences could be taken care of by new body options on gnomes and dwarves.

We can call ourselves Mr and Mrs Underhill and have hairy palms and feet…

exactly they are different

would you be mr or mrs???

nope different is different

would you rather have this for horde??

what about a monkey man race