Halflings for alliance

Maybe Tieflings. But that is already a D&D thing. We have more than enough playable races as it is.

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what if WOW merges with LofTRs and they get halflings that way

Kender would be more amusing.

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what is kender

Well as it’s going with all the customization we already look the part.

what do you mean???


If we are to get a “half” breed race, let’s stick with ones that has a population at any point in lore.

Half elves/humans
Half dreanei/orc
Half ogre/orc (mok’nathal)

I would like Halflings if they were similar to Everquest Halflings. They get their own town and houses that look like Hobbit houses. Big honkin’ hairy feet that usually can’t be covered by shoes (like trolls). And most of all, they can be druids.

The artists would have to do a good job to make them stand out from gnomes though (who aren’t the same at all, anyone who is into fantasy games and creatures knows that).

I have a strong hatred for hobbits.

imagine if you are sleeping and all the sudden you open your eyes and you see a hobbit staring at you :open_mouth:

[Shimmerfae] might scream

why would they scream???

Nope, all of nope, nothing else

Gnomes my dude… already in the game.

Burn it, burn the wretched thing!!!

what if it pins you down and tickles you and giggles LOL

You have gnomes as playable and skinny kul tirans slumming it for the alliance.

There your wish has been granted now please give me a donation of 50 gold.

what ifa gnome sneaks up on you and says BOO and then says they want hobbits to battle against

Feed him a skinny kul tiran