Halflings for alliance

The diminutive halflings survive in a world full of larger creatures by avoiding notice or, barring that, avoiding offense. Standing about 3 feet tall, they appear relatively harmless and so have managed to survive for centuries in the shadow of empires and on the edges of wars and political strife. They are inclined to be stout, weighing between 40 and 45 pounds.

Halflings’ skin ranges from tan to pale with a ruddy cast, and their hair is usually brown or sandy brown and wavy. They have brown or hazel eyes. Halfling men often sport long sideburns, but beards are rare among them and mustaches even more so. They like to wear simple, comfortable, and practical clothes, favoring bright colors.

Halfling practicality extends beyond their clothing. They’re concerned with basic needs and simple pleasures and have little use for ostentation. Even the wealthiest of halflings keep their treasures locked in a cellar rather than on display for all to see. They have a knack for finding the most straightforward solution to a problem, and have little patience for dithering.


They’re called “Gnomes” in WoW.


Alliance already have gnomes. What we do need though is Pygmies for the Horde equivalent.

Or Grummles as a neutral playable race.


nope gnomes are different - Halflings are a peaceful farming folk and gnomes are a generous multifaceted people . Both of their positions in the multiverse are unchanging and absent of conflict. This is strange.

well this race isn’t a gnelf. its not a gnoblin. its a gnome! you’ve been gnoooomed!


nope it is a halfling like in LOTRs

A gnome by any other name is still going to stand around saying “My Aren’t you a tall one.”


sure you just do not understand they are different

this could be an option they are in that movie coming out Lord of the Rings movie.

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You keep asking for things that are already in the game… You okay baby?


i have never seen a halfling in the game - where are they???

Go to Character Creation screen and select “Gnome”.


but gnomes and halflings are 2 different races.

What is the difference between gnomes and elves?

Gnomes are to elves what halflings are to humans. That is, halflings are essentially small humans and gnomes are essentially small elves. Temptation is to view gnomes as just rotund little garden gnome creatures, or like the gnomes of WoW, but nothing in the default literature really presents that. They do have some differences to elves.

Gnome is the word you are looking for……

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Gnomes, man. Gnomes.


I’ve never seen a halfling mentioned in lore. If you can point to an instance, I’ll think about it.

Not in this game. Gnomes were robits that got the curse of flesh. Gnomes are not related to elves in WoW.

Boy, I have a really wild story to tell you about a race in game you can play right now that will check mark virtually all of these boxes :grinning: they even have a robocop version if you’re into sci fi versions of halflings.

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You’re confusing the Dungeons & Dragons version of Gnomes with the Warcraft version of Gnomes.

There. I wont say I fixed it for you because that makes some people mad around here.