Halflings for alliance

I would rather alliance get vrykul and horde get ogres…. Maybe the vrykul could whip kul’tirans into proper monster fighting shape

You do realize that the word itself pre-dates LotR, right?
I assume you don’t. I also assume that you have apparently ignored the fact that it has become a fairly common term in fantasy fiction in general for any race that resembles humans, but isn’t as tall as a human.
This is mainly cause of the fact that Tolkien’s estate would sue the living hell out of anyone that dared attempt to use the word hobbit. However, they cannot do the same with halfling as that is a pre-existing word.

If you’ve ever played the Ultima series, there is a race called bobbits. They are essentially hobbits with the serial numbers filed off.


TLDR: Go find a gnome. There’s your halfling.


Make a gnome and RP as a halfling. Problem solved.

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The Alliance could really use another Gnomish race, though. Two are not enough.


I feel like at this point a megathread would be better than Spam

Everquest has both gnomes and halflings.

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So Hobbits basically?


Gnomes that farm and don’t do much fighting? I’m afraid the concept comes up… a little short.


We’ll take 'em to Isengard.


The gnomes the gnomes the gnomes the gnomes to kharazan kharazan


why do you think halflings and gnomes are the same

There is no such distinction in WoW. WoW Gnomes are different than the Gnomes you described here, which resemble DnD Gnomes more than any other I know of. Halflings don’t really fit in WoW. Their niche is occupied by Humans in culture and Gnomes in stature.


Like hobbits? I like hobbits and could support this.

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Tolkien did invent Orcs, or Hobbits or any of that other stuff. But the LoTR video game has halflings in it already. Baulders Gate has then in as well.

Gnomes are more 2/5th-lings than halflings.

why is that :open_mouth:

Well they are little.

would you want to be a mini gnome

what is little

Well, the word “halfling” means; a person who is half as tall as the median height for humans (i.e. little). So I pointed out that Gnomes are 2/5th as tall as the median height for humans (i.e. also little).

The 2/5ths is an estimate.