[H] Zuljin <Bloodthirsty Pilgrims> 10/10 H CN focused for mythic prog 2 day raid week recruiting. Heals and a few dps for core raiding team spots 210+ilvl. What we are looking for:

Bloodthirsty Pilgrims
Community-No Fox Given

About us: We raid Tuesday and Thursday on a weekly basis from 7 pm Est till 11 pm Est with invites going out at 6:45 pm Est in order to organize before raid. We provide flasks to all raiders and repair gold at particular ranks within guild. All raids are posted via in game calendar and sign ups are required to account for all players showing up. We understand real life comes up but it’s your responsibility to remove your sign up if you can not make it. We are looking to have a semi casual, relaxed, structured raid environment with competitive play from all raiders. Leave toxicity at the door we are here as a team.

What we want from you:

  1. Show up on time and prepared. Attendance is very important unless real life issues arise.
  2. Discord and a working mic to communicate.
  3. Know your class and play competitively.
  4. Research boss fights and your class guides to optimize your class to the best of it’s ability.
  5. Be progression oriented and keep a positive mindset. Nothing is always easy and Mythic raiding is demanding.
  6. You must have the following add ons DBM (Deadly Boss Mods), Weak Auras, GTFO is a great add on for getting out of stuff and Exorsus Raid Tools.
  7. Run keys gear yourself up in your spare downtime of raiding.
  8. Any conflict between raiders will be handled by officers so that it’s not deterring the raid group or raid lead while farming or progression.

If you are interested in joining our guild please feel free to reach out to any of the following battle tags GM-Kenny#1900, Recruitment Officer-ChoboOne#1111

A nice motivational video to boost your spirits in these times… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

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Thanks for the post Ur and the motivational video lol. Looking for those competitive dpsers.

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Jesus Urjuwani where do you come up with this lol. Thanks for the post still looking for those dpsers for core spots on our raid team for Shadowlands.

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Up the post for dpsers in Shadowlands.

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Looking for strong dps classes for Shadowlands Heroic and Mythic raiding.


Affliction warlock here, currently looking for a new guild. This expo will be my first Mythic focus progression. Currently have 12H Nyl experience and willing to dedicate time and effort to learn and help the guild members for SL. I have a decent gear and knowledge about my class ready for new content, will be happy to discuss further if it interest you. Thanks for now.


Hello Pharaun can you add me to battle tag Kenny#1900 we can talk on our discord if you are interested.

Great guild!! Been raiding with them cross server and love the no drama aspect!!!

Come join us, we have cookies… If the warlocks drop them that is.

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Thanks for the bumps all looking for those dps classes for Shadowlands bring the pain and play like a champ.

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Bump for dpsers and fill in for our core team for Shadowlands.

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=>.<= hi im Aba the ranged lead, please join me for lots of merciless killing in shadowlands :slight_smile: Abasdar21#1478 to chat!