[H] <Waning Crescent Caravan> is Recruiting!

What Are We? (IC)
The Waning Crescent Caravan stands a sanctuary and safe haven to misfits, runaways and sinners alike, bound by a common goal; a fresh start.

While motives and background may differ in it’s members, the Waning Crescent stands as a second chance.

Our caravan specializes in creation and sale of craft potions, tonics and elixirs as well as various fortune services and enchantments. For a higher price, we may even be hired out for contract work. Anything from hunting bounties to chasing rats out a cellar. You got the gold? We got you covered!

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How We Work! (OOC)
We are an 18+ Guild (though our general content is PG13 and all ages are welcome as guest we try to maintain a guild of civil adults here). IC Interviews Required.

Our story line is focused on a caravan of travelling merchants and laborers. We participate in D20 events based on IC contracts requested from other guilds and players, Vendor Events, and fun social events! We have an ongoing storyline involving two other guilds, investigating the caravan’s intentions and some mysterious activities happening within those carts…

:waning_crescent_moon: :last_quarter_moon: :waning_gibbous_moon: :full_moon: :waxing_gibbous_moon: :first_quarter_moon: :waxing_crescent_moon:

How to Apply to be a Member
Currently, Waning Crescent Caravan, is a Horde only guild! If you’re a horde member seeking to apply DM an officer or GM!

Message “Lenoire” in game

Join Our NEW Discord


Kudos. Lenoire is good people, sign up.

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:heart: You’re too freakin’ sweet

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Very friendly little guild, hosts pretty good d20 events.

Bumping for some vendor and recruitment events this weekend! Want to jump aboard the caravan or maybe just looking to do a little shopping? Come see us!

What: The Gilded Market
When: November 16th @ 5PM Server
Where: Scholomance, Western Plaguelands
Why: Vending Goods!

What: Recruitment Night
When: November 17th @ 4PM Server
Where: Valley of Spirits: Next to the Embassy Building
Why: The Caravan is stopping in Orgrimmar to sell their wares and recruit new folks into our misfit family!


So, if I understand this right, I could hire you to actually play a caravan moving from point A to point B? And, if there are incidents within that event, then it has to be D20 style?

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You’re somewhat correct!

You can fill out our form with a “job” for our guild and myself and coordinating DMs would write up a D20 style event to complete the job. (Typical layout would be two small roll battles/mobs and one final boss fight)

It’s mostly an opportunity to collab with other guilds while getting some great storyline development!


I shall remember this for later.

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Is this guild still active/around?

It sure is! I noticed you joined our discord <3 Sent you a message to follow up your application! :slight_smile:

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Next week there is going to be an in-game meeting about the Lordaeron reclamation venture. One of the many event plans that we are discussing, is to have a caravan run from Andorhal to Brill, and one from Sepulcher to Brill.
Might the waning crescent caravan be for hire and to help host that RP event?

I hope we can discuss it when I get back this weekend.

Absolutely! Guild is super busy OOC around holiday season but feel welcome to fill out the form for the event and myself or one of the Jr. Officers will message you to work out dates and planning!

EDIT: Late Nights = Spelling Errors LOL

Excellent, I just wanted to make sure Forsaken centric wasn’t out of bounds for y’all. I still need to let the others know that I plan to involve y’all at the meeting, after that is when I’ll fill out the form.

Bump for the weekend! Guild’s still recruiting for active members who like vendor RP, D20 and social events!

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I submitted a request for service.

Any new updates?

Guild Still Recruiting but with increased activity online and off, we’re doing hiring in game only <3 Whisper “Lenoire” on WrA for invites and IC interview.