Vulpera RP community?

Heya folks, long time player who basically sat out most of BFA here, coming back for Shadowlands fun. Finally got around to making a Vulpera since I never got them to exalted back at the start of BFA.

So I had to wonder, I know racial themed RP isn’t uncommon in WoW and all, does WRA have any Vulpera RP groups/guilds/events out there? It seems like the whole caravan background and all would lend itself to plenty of guild types or just floating events and such, figured I’d check out if those existed here. Obviously not JUST looking for Vulpera stuff, guilds and events with a general caravan/exploration/kinda shady theme are also cool.

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There used to be tonsss of them when vulpera first came out. There are still several, but most stick to in game.

Here’s a few guilds you might find interesting: [H] <Waning Crescent Caravan> is Recruiting!

Mystic Paw Caravan

Those are found on the WRA Directory thread here: WrA Information & Directories

I suggest getting in game and looking around for Vulpera RPers, and then seeing what guilds they’re attached to and getting involved with them.

Good luck! If I see anymore guilds I’ll be happy to add them on later,


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I remember that Vulpera disc community… :expressionless: