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Guild Name: Thunderhowl Clan
Description: A neutral clan of Orcs that is also friendly towards Trolls and Tauren, we seek to bring a story of survival and tribal living within our village in the Southern Barrens. It is our goal to restore the traditions of our ancestors while forging our own for a better community for all Orcs and those who would follow us.
Races Allowed: All Orcs, some Troll and Tauren
Leader(s): Chieftain Amaukwor Frostfeather
Who to Contact: Frostfeather#1984 on Discord or Amaukwor in-game
RP/PVP/PVE?: We are a heavy RP guild that dabbles in PvE aspects of the game when interest and activity allow.
Requirements: Apply on our website at: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/thunderhowl-clan-frstorc (TRP3, Discord, Dicemaster, IC/OOC Interview.)
Currently Seeking: All active Orc, Mag’har, and Troll/Tauren races who would answer our call
Most Active Playtime: Most days after 4:00 pm server time.
Forum Post: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/thunderhowl-clan-guild-info/316726

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Guild Name: Frostbite Contingent
Description: A Neutral Organization of Arms Dealers, Armor Crafters, Utility Gadget Creators and Scavengers. The FbC creates state of the art RP Items to help round out peoples inventories and gear. This often times includes shady business with Neutral (or even blue) colored groups as well as a lack of morality from time to time.
Races Allowed: All of them; we feel each race has unique Tech and Magic.
Leader(s): Megahes Frostbite
Who to Contact: Megahes (or Megáhes - Alt+0225), Naturasu or Scratch (McBoom in game name).
RP/PVP/PVE?: RP w/ some casual PvP/E
Requirements: IC/OoC Interview (both can be relatively brief and OoC can be done via Discord if preferred.)
Currently Seeking: Looking for RPers of all sorts to fill various roles. We look for Magically Inclined or Technologically Savvy individuals who like to create RP Items for others users. Along with this, we’re always looking for hardy individuals who like to ‘Scavenge’ (more like steal) tech from the various other in-game factions too. (Such as Titans, Ethereals, Burning Legion Remnants, Venture Co. Etc.
Most Active Playtime: Days and Evenings. (Most of our current members have jobs and families, so they’re offline typically by 10pm server.)
Forum Post: 🔫 Frostbite Contingent is Hiring! [H-RP] - #3 by Megáhes-wyrmrest-accord

Guild Name: The Oyster Business

Description: The Oyster Business is a 18+ mafia style RP guild Neutral siding, which hides their intentions behind legitimacy. We do D20 events, ranging from adventure, heists, contract killing, horror, And Comedic. Doing about one to two D20 events a week, we also have social gathering events on the weekends we do, or are invited to. If you’re looking for a place to develop your toon the way you want to, then this is the place to be with no restrictions other than keeping it to the lore

Races Allowed:. All races, and classes accepted.

Leader(s): Ingame name of officers: Spalk(GM), Sparkzle(Co-GM), Fritzanni, Rytzie

Who to Contact: Ingame name: Spalk, Snookii, Fritzanni, Razmix, Rytzie

RP/PVP/PVE?: Casual - Heavy RP, Slightly do PVP and PVE for mogs.

Requirements: IC / OOC Interview.

Currently Seeking: it’s Criminal based, but if you own business as a front, we’re happy to invest.

Most Active Playtime: Most of the time, From morning, 10am to around 10pm server.

Forum Post: None

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This was updated a while ago but now I’m BUMPING IT.

Guild Name: The Skyrunner Tribe
Description: A Tauren based guild focused on aspects of Horde life and the safeguarding of Azeroth. After the death of their previous chieftain, the Tribe has started to accept new members as well as set their sights too far off lands. Revolving around a culture of flight and the use of Wyverns this tribe is small but powerful, riding the winds where they are needed.
Races Allowed: Tauren/Tuanka/Highmountain Specific, but open to all
Leader(s): Chieftain Kanatu Skyrunner
Who to Contact: Kanatu, Wal’ami
RP/PVP/PVE?: Heavy RP- Casual PvE/PvP as interest and engagement allow
Requirements: Join the Discord, contact the GM for a short group of questions as a “get to know you”, initiate your IC introduction and get involved!

  • Discord is required for communication reasons: https://discord.gg/Xqxq69u

Currently Seeking: Characters that were part of the Tribe before current events or outsiders that wish to be brought in as full members. Quality RPers in general.
**Most Active Playtime:**Weekends/Evenings.

  • Campaign Events on Monday and Wednesday at 7pm Server
    -Various RP through the rest of the week

Forum Post: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/h-rp-the-skyrunner-tribe-pre-recruitment/347610

Guild Name:
Description: A caravan specializing in creation and sale of craft potions, tonics and elixirs as well as various fortune services and enchantments. For a higher price, we may even be hired out for contract work. Anything from hunting bounties to chasing rats out a cellar. You got the gold? We got you covered!
Races Allowed: Any
Leader(s): Kalinqua Hexpeddle (IG: Lenoire)
Who to Contact: “Lenoire” in Game, “Sketchy Goth#6455” on discord
RP/PVP/PVE?: RP Heavy Guild with casual PvE and PvP (BGs).
Requirements: IC interview required. Must be over the age of 18 OOC.
Currently Seeking: All members!
Most Active Playtime: 5PM Server Time - 12AM Server Time
Forum Post: [H] <Waning Crescent Caravan> is Recruiting!


Things are updated and so me BUMPS.

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I’ve been meaning to do this for weeks - apologies for not getting to it sooner :slight_smile:

Guild Name: Lordaeron Unbound
Description: Created after the end of the Fourth War, the Order of Lordaeron Unbound is a reimagination of the old Holy Orders (such as the Silver Hand) that used to exist within Lordaeron. Attempting to rekindle the lost tradition of Lordaeronian knights and support a cultural shift within the Forsaken people, the Order of the Unbound seeks to quell any threats to sentient undead, provide a purpose for Forsaken who feel lost after being abandoned by Sylvanas Windrunner, and to guide the Forsaken as a culture from their more malicious tendencies and attempt to re-establish a pre-death sense of morality. Long term, the Order also intends to work towards finding a home for the Forsaken people. The Three Virtues of the Light (Respect, Compassion and Tenacity) are considered important to the Order, but the Order does not in any way require worship of the Light.
Races Allowed: Any (The guild is undead focused, but undead of all races are welcome, as are others who wish to support the Forsaken, for any reason).
Leader: Sarestha (Highlord Sarestha Ravelle)
Who to Contact: Sarestha, Cadiascrane, Otielle
RP/PVP/PVE?: Our main focus is RP. PvE and PvP is more personal choice based.

  • To some extent, adherence to the lore. Lorebending is alright, but overt lore-breaking is something we want to avoid. If you can justify it in-universe, it sounds good!
  • An IC interview is required before being formally admitted into the guild - we want to be sure your character fits.
    Currently Seeking: Any and all interested RPers!
    Most Active Playtime: We are largely an oceanic guild - so we’re talking late night by server standards. Between the 11pm and 5am marks (server time) are our most active, though we do have players on throughout the normal day, especially on Saturdays!
    Forum Post: Old Thread - No Longer Relevant <Lordaeron Unbound> (Oceanic)
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Added and bump!

Hey! If you could remove the Blackheart Warband and replace with our updated guild name/premise, I would appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Guild Name: The Blackhearted Company
Description: The Blackhearted Company is a Horde-sanctioned private military company, under the co-ownership of Azkaellon Lightsworn and Eleeria Silverwing. Currently seeking experienced and veteran military contractors in order to tackle the Horde’s toughest problems!
Races Allowed: All
Leader(s): Azkaellon Lightsworn (Azkaellon) & Eleeria Silverwing (Eleería)
Who to Contact: Azkaellon, Eleería, Neliedoria, Erisse
RP/PVP/PVE?: RP only.
Requirements: We require an OOC interview to join the guild. Players must then reach out to an officer of their choice for a fairly quick and painless IC interview before they are considered to be Contractors of Blackheart. We ask that you do so within a month of joining.
Currently Seeking: Anyone! We have an awful lot of elves, so I personally would love some other races, but all are welcome here.
Most Active Playtime: 6-9pm Server (PST), with more activity on event nights.
Forum Post: [H-RP] The Blackhearted Company

Hello! Could you update The Grim’s entry in your list please? Thank you!

Guild Name: The Grim

Description: The complete destruction of the Alliance and any other enemy of the Horde is the goal towards which we strive. Though we are loyal to the Horde, we believe the Horde leaders are not always able to take the necessary steps to ensure its survival. Many who are allied under the banner of the Horde do not agree with our methods.

Races Allowed: Playable Horde races only. Any level.

Leader(s): Awatu, Commander of The Grim. Syreenna, Irredeemable.

Who to Contact: Awatu, Syreenna

RP/PVP/PVE?: We RP, raid, run Mythic+, holiday RP events, warfronts, some World PVP and Battlegrounds, Timewalking raids, old raids for achievements/transmogs.

Requirements: (Lore-compliance, website application, interview, specific ilvl, et cetera) Characters who are evil or can at least work alongside those who are evil, and are not interested in being friends with the Alliance. We have a website or Discord application and an in-game interview to join, and then the new member completes two Trials under the supervision of an Inquisitor (also a mentor to the guild).

Currently Seeking: Anyone who enjoys their character. We do not recruit for specific roles, but versatility is a plus.

Most Active Playtime: Events usually start at 5:30 or 6:00pm server time

Forum Post: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/h-rp-pve-pvp-the-grim/190525

Hello there!

Guild Name: The Skyheart Tribe
Description: The Skyheart Tribe is a casual RP guild that strives to create a close-knit community while teaching others about shu’halo culture.
Races Allowed: Any (With consideration toward non-tauren undead and dark-magic users)
Leader(s): Taina
Who to Contact: Taina, Taurusstrong, Rizoania, Wattanwaya
Requirements: IC and OOC interview, with respect towards fellow RPers and guild members. We do not tolerate anything to make other players uncomfortable or unwelcome, especially in the guild.
Currently Seeking: Craftsmen (Profession-based characters) and healers.
Most Active Playtime: Late afternoons and evenings.
Forum Post: [H-WRA] Skyheart Tribe is recruiting!

If there’s any casual guild recruiters: I really want to get into PVP, but there is a bit of a barrier to entry. I’m looking for some guilds that are willing to do some Mythic+ and gear up, maybe do some BGs on the side.

I’m still learning the new systems, but I like to believe I’m competent, plus I have the gold to enchant/gem my gear.

If you need a Fury Warrior (Hah!), then please reach out!

Guild Name: hug (Maybe temporary? Kinda on the fence about it. We are looking for suggestions from members, so you can be a part of our history!)
Description: We are a grabbag kinda guild. A little bit of everything can be found here. We’re still kinda small right now (heh), but are digging our claws into M+s of all kinds. As soon as we can build our ranks, we’ll start our dive into raids.
Races Allowed: If you’re Horde, you can get on board.
Leader(s): Baitan (that’s me!)
Who to Contact: Literally any member can invite. For specific questions, please direct them to myself and/or Anúbìs
RP/PVP/PVE?: PvP AND PvE. It’s tight (heh)
Requirements: The understanding that we are all humans here, and will be respectful towards you. Basically, be nice.
Currently Seeking: Literally you.
Most Active Playtime: Right now, we are kind of scattered about. Ultimately, I’d love it if we had people from all over so that if someone wants to run something but they’re only available at time, they won’t have to feel left out of a guild run. I work remotely, so I’m on most of the day (7a - ??? EST). If you must know, I can keep an eye on it and edit this later.


If you’d be interested, shoot any one of us a message and we can get ya in here!

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I need to update the OP for the last few entries, and I promise I will by the end of the week! Just been hectic with it being holiday season and whatnot.

Thanks for the response! I’ll try to find you all in-game.

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Welp. It looks like I’ll need to make ANOTHER new Horde Guild Directory, because I am unable to edit the OP. =/

Good news! They made it so you can edit old posts again, so the directory is UPDATED!

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Guild Name: Sunfury Battalion

Description: An all-Sin’dorei special forces unit funded by the Noble Houses, with the specific role of conducting asymmetrical warfare against any threat to Quel’thalas, the Sin’dorei people, or the Sunwell.

We are a WPVP guild that loves RP, and have created a rich Guild RP lore that adheres to wow Blood Elf lore. Our ranking system is based on actual Blood Elf military divisions and rankings. We are looking for a few good elves who will join us as zealots for our people’s survival, to take the fight to the Alliance.

Races Allowed: Blood Elf only, no exceptions.

GMs: Aeythyr, Ranger-General of the Sunfury Battalion (GM); Lady Shalanori, Grand Magister & Protector of the Order of the Sunfury (Co-GM).

Who to Contact: Aeythyr, Shalanori, Warwolf, and Bonemuaddib

Requirements: Maturity and respectfulness inside and outside the guild is a must, as well as agreement to adhere to our guild rules. We have a militaristic theme and culture, and expect members to acclimate to our culture and respect chain of command. We have a brief OOC interview and will conduct an IC interview upon request.

Currently Seeking: We do not recruit for specific roles, but healers or those willing to multiclass as a healer are appreciated.

Most Active Playtime: Events usually start at 5-6pm Server Time but we have many folks in central/eastern time zones who are on earlier too. There is no event attendance requirements for membership and we do allow casual membership.


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