[H] <Twisted Logic> Recruiting ALL classes/roles for Heroic progression and Mythic+

Twisted Logic is a casual AOTC focused guild on Bleeding Hollow currently recruiting ALL classes/roles for Heroic progression and Mythic+

Raid days and time will be Tuesday and Wednesday 8:00PM to 11:00PM EST. Invites go out 15 minutes before!


  • Have a basic understanding of each boss encounter
  • Please come ready to raid, bring your own consumables. Feast and Flask are provided as long as guild members regularly donate to the guild bank.
  • Make sure that your gear is enchanted, and your gem slots are full.
  • Discord is provided for all guild members and will be required during raid time.
  • Be receptive to feedback from any guild member. Killing bosses is easy If we communicate and work together to be better.
  • Have a good time, seriously. I know this should go without saying, but sometimes players forget that this is a game and we’re all here to have fun and vibe together.

Please feel free add me on bnet or PM me in-game If you have any additional questions or If you are interested in joining us.

Guild Master : Cjayy(Bnet: Cjayy#1329)(Discord: CJ#8736)

Hi Hi, Mage here looking for Ginvite! Nobody currently online I will check back tonight. or hit me up on Bnet DeathbyVirus#1768 (note i made my name wayyyy back before covid =P

still looking for melee dps?


We currently have a lot of melee DPS in trial for our core roster and there is a lot of competition. Of course you are welcome to trial with us as we progress through the raid.

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Any need for a resto shaman? 200ilvl 10/10 N 2/10 H

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Fun weekly Friday night events!! Come join the fun! :smiley: BUMPING

Hi there. We have a group of five that are looking for the raid times and progression you are offering. We have the following:

  • 223 Havoc Demon Hunter
  • 222 Feral Druid
  • 220 Protection/Retribution Paladin
  • 220 Holy Priest
  • 217 Mistweaver Monk

Might be a stretch with our comp but is there any room for the five of us? We’d love to try out if so. More info here:

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Hey Recruitme,

We’d love to talk to you guys further and see what we can do. Would you be able to provide us with some logs? I’d be interested in getting them to the appropriate people in the guild to take a look and we can get back to you!

Add me on Bnet Cabose#1549

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Some RDPS peeps would be very much welcome!