[H][Thrall] Casual Fri/Sat 9 pm - 12 am ET 5/9 H LF Ranged DPS + 1 Healer w/ offspec

<Duplicitys Reach> on Horde side US-Thrall 8/8H 2/8 M Last Tier, 5/9 H Discord? Check. Wipes? Check. Memes? Check. We are a group of casual elitists that raid twice a week, Friday and Saturday 9pm-12am (ET/server). We are currently recruiting ranged dps, and a healer with offspec. We also are active in pushing mythic+ keys. Trials are welcome on so please reach out! We even host things like farming competitions with real life prizes :slight_smile:

Current Recruitment needs:
High need (1 Healer, select ranged)
Priest, heals with shadow offspec- High
Shaman, dd- High (ele preferred)
Druid, dd- High (preference to boomies)

Middle need (one or two on the roster now)
Priest, dd- Mid
Warlock - Mid-high
Mage- Mid
Demon Hunter, dd-Mid
Shaman, Heals w/ ele offspec- Mid

Please contact any of our officers at our Btags

  • Hungler#1448 -GM
  • Disintary#1567 -Officer
  • Drinlok#1273 -Officer
  • Bamli#1877 -Officer
  • Snarfed#1335 -Recruiting Officer or Snarfing#4104 on Discord

Just started up a relaxed RBG team sundays as well

still looking for ranged dps

bumping this, still looking for 1 healer

looking for 1 healer, ranged dps