[H-RP/PVE/PVP] The Grim - Choose your Path!

A Grim Purpose

The Grim seek to protect and further the Horde by destroying its enemies, whether that be the Alliance or some other threat. Decades of warfare with Stormwind and her puppets have proven that Azeroth will not be secure for a lasting peace while the blue banner still flies. We also fight other threats that live in caves, castles, and towers of death.

Of course, none of this would be possible without people to run the garrison, cook, manage livestock and crops, guard, explore, trade… There are plenty of these people among The Grim too, and they sometimes find themselves in unexpected adventures.

We believe the war will not end while our enemies still live, so we have committed ourselves to Peace through annihilation!

The Grim is a Horde guild that participates in all aspects of the game–RP, PVE, PVP. We are a medium-sized guild that has been active since 2005. Our members are made up of some college students and mostly adults, many with jobs and families. We understand that real life always comes first, and we have very low tolerance for drama and attention seekers.

We are not a military guild. We’re more of a gang IC, so that each character can retain their individuality without having to try to fit into the rank and file.

We’ve recently changed the structure of our guild. The guild is divided into four “Paths” each led by an officer or two. Members may always participate in any guild activities, but they may choose one Path to focus on. Promotion is based on requirements of the Path they belong to.

The Path of Lore (RP):

We are those who live in the World. We are the spies, merchants, adept explorers and socialites of the guild, scouring through the worlds for intel and adventure. We drive the purpose and represent The Grim on and off the battlefield. We are the ones who keep things running smoothly at our garrison, and plan morale boosting events for the entire guild. The Irredeemables of this Path will guide you through your adventures and sharpen your character to be the best for The Grim and for yourselves.

The Path of Lore promotions are based on completing tasks through roleplay.
Officers: Malhavik, Sidad

The Path of Ruin

The Path of Ruin joins in the Horde efforts to fight against any threats that rise up to endanger the Grim, the Horde, or Azeroth herself. They bravely enter caves, castles, and any other dominion to defeat such enemies and plunder their treasures.

The Path of Ruin promotions are based on raid readiness, attendance, and performance.
Officers: Canaie, Riplie

The Path of Vengeance

The Path of Vengeance are those Grim who focus on the conflicts involving the Alliance. Whether on the battlegrounds, in the arenas, or out in the open world, these Grim will hunt the Alliance, often seeking personal vengeance.

The Path of Vengeance promotions are based on PVP readiness, attendance, and performance.
Officers: Lupinum

The Path of the Mandate

The Path of the Mandate is made up of those Grim who have not committed themselves to one of the Paths described above. They consist of Operatives and Supplicants.

Operatives are full Grim members who are not committed to a Path for whatever reason. They have, however, proven themselves capable in battle and worthy of wearing the Grim tabard.

Supplicants are our newest members. New Grim will spend a minimum of two weeks as a Supplicant while they get to know the guild and prepare to meet the requirements of their chosen Path.

Officers: Syreenna

Grim members also play some other games together such as Among Us, Animal Crossing, tabletop games. And some members stream movies to watch together, and even meetup for real life get togethers.

We also welcome community members who would like to raid or PVP with us without officially joining the guild.

We have a strict no hate speech rule against real people. (Talk about punting gnomes is acceptable.)

Grim Weekly Schedule: (all times are server time)
Sunday & Wednesday: 5:30 - 7:30 PVP
Tuesday & Thursday: 5:30 – 8:30pm Raids
Friday: 6:00pm On the first Friday of each month, there is an IC guild meeting.

For more information, please see our web page www.thegrim.org or join us in Discord https://discord.gg/wGxxy6H
Or contact any of the officers listed in the Path descriptions above.


Happy Shadowlands Day!

The Grim is still looking for a few more people for our RBG team and our raid team, and we’re always open for more roleplayers to join!

If you’re interested in joining a RBG or raid team without actually joining the guild, we might have a place for you too!

If you think you might be interested in any of that, pop into our Discord server and say hi!

What class(es) are you recruiting for the rbg team?

We encourage everyone to play a class/spec they enjoy playing. If the composition isn’t working, we adjust. Some people always volunteer to play alts.

So far, it’s looking like we could use some more ranged DPS.

Oh hey, look at that - one of the oldest, coolest, and most active RP guilds anywhere.



We still have room on both our RBG team and our raid team for people! Even if you are happy in a guild, we do accept team members from other guilds.

We always have open recruitment for new roleplayers!

Our weekly schedule is (server times):

Sun & Wed: PVP 6:00 - 8:00
Mon: RP events / check-in meetings with new members
Tues & Thurs: Raids 5:30 - 8:30
Fri & Sat: RP events, Mythic dungeons, other

If you have any questions or would like to chat, post here or stop in our Discord: https://discord.gg/wGxxy6H

You can also find some more information on our website: www.thegrim.org

I’d be interested in the RBG team if it is ever in need of melee.

Thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:

I hope everyone is enjoying the Shadowlands!

The Grim is still recruiting for RP, raids, and casual and rated PVP!

We’ve recently started some individual and small group RP assignments for those interested.

Stop in our Discord server for more information or just to chat!


Or check out our web page at www.thegrim.org

We look forward to meeting you!

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The Grim is looking for more players for our raid team as we start on heroic Castle Nathria progression. We’re specifically looking for healers or hybrid classes with a healing off-spec.

Our rated battleground team is also looking for more members, healers specifically.

~ Meeting Minutes ~
by Elinel

The monthly guild meeting took place in the Grim garrison hall, lead by Syreena. Riplie provided an update to the Grim’s progress in Castle Nathria. While the Grim have managed to defeat Sire Denathrius, he and his forces have been coming back each week, stronger than ever now. In addition to an Anima drought, treasures also appear to be in the middle of a drought. This has been posing a challenge to the entire team. Riplie also reminded everybody that fish, meat, and flowers are continuously needed.

Riana gave a report on our fight against the Alliance. As the Grim’s notoriety rises, stronger and stronger Alliance have been meeting them in battle. As the fight continues, Riana stressed that the need for committed fighters to uphold the Mandate is at an all time high.

Riana also reported on the success of the scalp hunt. An total of 5,461 scalps were collected! 2nd place was a tie between Lupinum (537) and Elinel (535). 1st place was awarded to Ristikus with a haul of 1561 scalps. In addition to gold, he was also given the rank of Executioner of the Grim. May his sword continue to serve the Mandate with every Alliance soldier it slaughters.

Because of his continued assistance with Riana in the fight against the Alliance, and his commitment to upholding the Mandate, Lupinum was promoted to Irredeemable and joins Riana in leading Grim in the battlefield. May their coordinated leadership drive fear into the Alliance until not a single Alliance can stand against us. Zalanjo reported on recent inquisitions and asked Supplicants if they have trials to report.

Yorathel’s efforts in Castle Nathria against the horrors of Revendreth and Sire Denathrius has proved his commitment to fight with The Grim. This fulfills his Trial of Combat.

Einang has completed lumber duty as requested and has provided the garrison with a plentiful supply of wood for the winter. His next task is to hunt with Syreena to prove his skills in combat.

Meriette’s Trial of Combat was approved, in which she aided the Scalp Hunt bringing in 465 scalps. She also offered up her Trial of Sacrifice, in which she bid a public final farewell to her daughter, Abigail, whom she had been clinging to since the day she found her after her awakening. This sacrifice was overwhelmingly accepted.

Elinel was promoted to the rank of Dreadweaver, with the responsibilities of assisting with Inquisition, event planning, and any other tasks the Irredeemables ask of her.

A great deal of conversation among Grim lately has been surrounding the sudden and now extended absence of Khorivs. Many have speculated on his whereabouts and motives, with many assuming his disappearance is the responsibility of Syreena in retaliation for her (now admittedly fake) journal being stolen. Zalanjo, having turned up nothing from his personal searches for Khorvis, publicly accused Syreena for Khorvis’s absence. After a lengthy debate, Addikus and Elinel volunteered to continue the search for him, and many others volunteered as well.

The Grim meeting ended with a search party gathering to start the search in Moonglade, and Addikus and Elinel starting their search in Khorvis’s office.


March Edition

Date Auction

In February, during Love is in the Air, The Grim hosted a date auction. We originally had an even dozen dates lined up to sell, but more people wanted to throw themselves on the auction block. In total, we sold 21 dates for a very large sum of gold. The dates got half the money, but the Grim still saw a hefty deposit into their vaults.

The Grim thanks Thrurdol for security, Elinel and Ayidda for running the show, and all the members of the Horde who participated.

Fishing Expedition

Recently, The Grim went on a fishing tour of the Shadowlands to collect fish to feed the ranks. They started in Bastion and went from there. Even the unhealthy waters of Maldraxxus did not keep them away. By the end of the expedition, the guild’s food stores were well stocked with fish.

Thank you to Grotuk for the Potions of Inky Blackness, allowing the Grim fishermen to enjoy the starry skies over Ardenweald.

Castle Nathria Update
by Canaie

The Maw Walkers threw open the gates of Castle Nathria to discover that Sire Denathrius rebuilt his forces and they were stronger and better organized than before. Determined to win at any cost, they pressed on and carved their way through his minions again. Soon, the Sire himself will be within their reach.

((Progression: 10/10 Normal, 8/10 Heroic))

The Fight Against the Alliance

The elite Grim battleground team could use about three more regulars. They’ve earned themselves a rating of nearly 1500 and climbing. A few more regular attendees on the team would make all the difference in raising that rating.

Peace through annihilation.

If you are interested in The Grim, please visit our web page at www.thegrim.org, or hop into our Discord and say hello! https://discord.gg/wGxxy6H More information, including our schedule, is available in the first post of this thread.

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We’re looking to fill out our RBG roster with a healer and a tank, and a mix of several DPS. Contact Riana or Lupinum in game or chat with us in our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/wGxxy6H

Is there a time thats best to find one of these individuals? I’ve had no luck. Thanks.

It’s probably easiest to find us in our discord server, especially if you had any questions about the guild.

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Yes, The Grim has an extremely active Discord :slight_smile:

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We had a fun RP evening of combat lessons last weekend, including using distraction to help dispatch an enemy, the use of portals to remove someone’s organs, the use of Light to heal AND burn, fighting as a moving group, and examples of using any means necessary.

Our PVPers are looking for a few more people to join the RBG team! No stiff requirements to join. A good attitude and willingness to learn are more important than high gear and lots of experience. Gear does help though!

Our raid team also has room for a few more people, particularly a healer/DPS hybrid who is comfortable in both roles. The raid team is currently on Sire Denathrius Heroic. AotC, here we come! Minimum average item level to join in on heroic raiding is 195. The average ilvl of the raid team is around 213.

We also do Mythic dungeons throughout the week, and have casual PVP nights and RP events.

The best way to contact us is by hopping into our Discord and introducing yourself. https://discord.gg/wGxxy6H Or look for any Grim in game and ask for an officer.

More information and our schedule of events are in the first post of this thread, and on our website www.thegrim.org

Note, we also welcome people to join our RBG or raid team, even if they are already in another guild and don’t want to leave there.

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We’re looking for players to fill out our roster and to prepare for the next raid tier. We’re also looking for players for our RBG team, tank and a healer specifically. The easiest way to find us to through our discord server here: https://discord.gg/wGxxy6H

I’ve been with this guild for a million years. I can never leave.

Also, we could use more hopeful, interested new faces that I promise I will not harm. At least immediately.


Things are quieter lately as everyone is getting into their summer schedule, and many are eagerly awaiting 9.1, (which I am starting to believe might be a myth!). It’s the perfect time to join The Grim and get to know some people. We are still holding activities several nights a week.

In PVE, we’re still running Mythic+ each week, and we’re currently working on Glory of the Nathria Raider achievements. Mythics happen any night. Raid nights are Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30-8:30 server time.

In PVP, we’re doing casual battlegrounds and arenas, along with some world PVP. Regular PVP nights are Sunday and Wednesday at 6:00 server time.

RP is fairly quiet lately, so it’s a great time for some one on one or small group RP! We are still having our monthly guild meetings, and bi-weekly Inquisition meetings on Fridays at 5:30 or 6:00.

We also have contacts with other friendly guilds, so there are lots of opportunities for events and other activities.

If you are interested, feel free to join our Discord and introduce yourself!


Giving a bump for a great crew! They have been rocking it! friendly people 10/10 recommend!