[H-RP] Zuldazar Menagerie - Dinosaur Roleplay Guild looking for members!

Quick note: We are looking for Vulpera to join our ranks as potential Speakers of the Voldunai!

Who are we?:
The short answer is that Zuldazar Menagerie is a branch of the Zandalari Beast Ward, a number of us were present during the events on the Isle of Thunder; we just didn’t side with the treacherous Prophet Zul when he betrayed our people. Those of you who despise heretics, you are among like-minded trolls!
The guild was founded just a week after Zandalar was announced at BlizzCon 2017, and we’ve been going strong since!

Who qualifies?:
Just about anybody who is part of, or allied with, the Zandalari Empire can join! But keep in mind that we are a Zandalari-centric guild, so it has to be in your best interest to specifically be joining us. Among others, we have a Mogu member who is our resident Speaker of the Rajani; he sought out War-God Panjya as a means to try and preserve the ties between the Zandalari and the Mogu.
Also, you might be thinking… “Beast Ward? So just Hunters and Druids…” But you would be wrong! The Beast Ward has a wide range of classes, including but not limited to Mages, Shamans, Priests, and of course Warriors; just about any class can play their part among us no problem. Requirements for the cosmetic ‘Dinomancer’ role on Discord however are to incorporate dinosaurs into your play-style. That means this special role is only available to Hunters, Druids and Shamans.

We are in the market for: Mogu, Sethrak, Vulpera and Tortollans to act as Speakers of their given people, the War-Goddess makes it her business to maintain the Empire’s ties to its allies!

How does one sign up?:
You would first join our Discord server and follow the instructions in the #welcome channel, once your membership form is submitted an officer will assign the appropriate roles and you can then be invited to the guild in-game once evaluated.
We also have ally roles for those of you who are more interested in simply checking us out!

The link to our Discord server:

We are also active members of the Trolls of Azeroth community!: us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/troll-roleplay-community/17890(edited)


I can’t post on my Zandalari yet but I’ll drop by anyway to say I’m excited to be here! What’s better than dinos? Well…Yasuno would say shiny gems, but I would say nothing!

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The Mogu support their allies in the Zandalari!

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but pls consider joining our guild :slight_smile:

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I’ll be applying soon!

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Do you take members who are still leveling their dinotrolls?

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Sorry for the late response, but yes we do take people who are still leveling!

Hi there!

I just have some questions for the guild, if this is the wrong place to ask, feel free to remove this.

  1. What time is your guild generally active?
  2. Do you have players from OCE?

I ask this cause your guild sounds like something I’d definitely like to join.

Sorry to respond so late, Hunateer, I don’t check this as often as perhaps I should. ^^;

We are active at all kinds of times, but we like to attend or help run events in the evenings on weekends, any other time you can pretty much just see who’s online and ask to RP, otherwise we are almost always on Discord, so long as it’s not like 5am or something. Lol…

We are mostly Americans, or at least people living in America, but I know we have at least one person from Australia.

If you would like to get to know us, you can join our Discord as an ally, or you could join the Trolls of Azeroth Discord too, most of us are in there. c=

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It is a crime that this thread hasn’t been bumped in so many months! Dinosaurs for everyone! :sauropod:

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^ The Mantid, the Myth, the Legend right up here.


This guild does more than people think.

I’ve seen their leader, I saw it since it’s creation and it has become one of the most amazing and friendly guilds in the Warcraft WrA community that spots fun events and creativity.


Dinobonoids: Full on friendship! Hope you guys over at the ZM are having a great week!

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We had a great Dino-Wrangling event tonight!

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We’re hosting our Atal’Zandali Dinosaur Parade tomorrow evening!
(Remove space between “.” and “com”.)
zuldazar-menagerie.tumblr. com/post/612967460611735552/now-that-zandalari-have-been-in-the-horde-for-over
cdn.discordapp. com/attachments/438016062697504769/689856844730073199/unknown.png

Edit: The parade was a big success! We took lots of screenshots and posted them on our official guild Tumblr page~
zuldazar-menagerie.tumblr. com

This thread looks old asf.

I’m guessing this guild is unfortunately no longer active? Are there any others similar to it?

Why you looking to represent Bwonsomdi with that extreme 3.5 year necro post?

In their defense, of all the entities of death to represent on Azeroth, Bwonsamdi is definitely a solid one.

Also Eiyir (SP?) is pretty cool from what I recall.

I’m still relatively active within the community but it has been some time since we have actively hosted our own events as a guild. If you’re looking for a troll community to join I am the current admin of the Trolls of Azeroth!

Here’s the Trolls of Azeroth Discord link: discord.gg/qvUk6w8

I would love to get the guild back on its feet but that is unfortunately easier said than done, especially since don’t get the benefit of being the new hyped up bandwagon item anymore.