[H-RP] The Wolfmane Tribe

In the midst of your travels throughout Kalimdor, you stumble upon an encampment riddled with Tauren tents. Accompanying the tents is a large group of Tauren, gathered in a circle, with their latest hunt roasting over a warm fire. Hunters, gatherers, braves, healers, all are gathered in front of you, in a little camp in the middle of the wilderness. One of these Tauren spots you and approaches. His fur and mane are rugged, yet there is a kind smile on his face, and his posture is welcoming. When he spoke, his voice was deep and friendly.

“Welcome, friend. You have found the Wolfmane camp.”


Basic Info: Horde Guild; Heavy Role-play
Chieftain: Karanga Featherspear
Council: Avitala, Celebrim, Cheruun, Zanghif
Watchers: Haikani, Krojen
Website: wolfmane.com

The Wolfmane Tribe is a well-established heavy Tauren-centric role-playing guild. We are nearly three years old now, and going stronger than ever! We host events every single week, from storylines to sparring events to ceremonies to drumming lessons to our weekly event, Story Circle! We aim to help build not only a strong, tight-knit community among ourselves, but also throughout the Tauren community.

Wolfmane is a part of the Spiritsong Pact, an alliance between the Whitehorn Tribe, Windsong Herd, and Wolfmane tribe.

What to expect ICly
The Wolfmane Tribe is a nomadic tribe, moving with the seasons. We are a more traditional tribe, following the Old Ways and putting an emphasis on family, as well as respecting the Earthmother, though we are not without a few twists (we are open to all races!). All members are expected to be respectful to one another, and help one another.

What to expect OOCly
We are a heavy role-playing guild, and as such, while none of our events are mandatory to attend, we strongly encourage people to partake in them in order to have the best possible experience with us! Aside from our events, we also have frequent random role-play in whatever place we happen to have set camp. You can also expect to meet many friendly and helpful members, as we aim to create a welcoming atmosphere for people of all experience levels! Whether you are an experienced role-player or have never role-played a day in your life, you will be welcome among us, so long as you are willing to learn and grow with us!

If you are interested in joining us, the first step would be to check our website and read about the guild, its rules, its structure and its culture, then join the website and submit an application! Joining the website is required, in order to gain full access to the forums and several member-only pages.

An IC interview will also be needed to actually get your character invited to the tribe! Simply whisper any of the officers listed above, or if you do not see any of them online, whisper another member of the tribe, as there might be an officer available on an alt. Alternatively, just send one of them an in-game mail!

We are the Wolfmane.

We stand together at the call of the Earthmother,
and carry out our journey forward.

We forge a new path
laid out by those that walk with us.

Remembering those lost,
we strive to build a home for those that seek it.

We reach out to our Shu'halo brethren,
giving a future to those who are lost.

United we stand,
our strength able to overcome any challenge.

We are the Wolfmane.
a family whose future shines brightly.

Our bond is stronger than the finest metal,
giving hope to those who have none.

We are the Wolfmane.

We stand strong together.
A beacon for the future of our people.
I'll also be posting the latest chapters of the Wolfmane storyline and news here, to keep everyone up to date on what Wolfmane's up to!

Chapter Six: A Deal Struck

The sickly green glow on the horizon can be seen even from the mighty totem pole in the tall mountains. The weary Shu’halo and their kindred spirits barely made it to the forsaken Broken Isles, and trekked all the way to the home of their forgotten Highmountain brethren. Recovering in body and spirit, the Wolfmane are recollecting the events of a wonderful summer, which unfortunately descended into tragedy. Despite the hardships it endured, the tribe holds strong, and is prospering.

The summer began with the tribe leaving behind the sands of Uldum, its members weary of the arid weather and being fugitives. With their name cleared in the eyes of the Horde, the Wolfmane have departed for Ratchet by the means of water-bound vessels. A short journey later, they reunited with the rest of the tribe, and settled yet again in Far Watch Post, at the bridge between the Barrens and Durotar. The presence of grass was welcomed by the nomads, as were the nearby river and the plethora of game that would feed and clothe their tribe. The time here was most pleasant, with the tribe enjoying a quaint and peaceful life, hunting, crafting, sparring, and, most importantly, growing.

Summer was also a time for celebration, as the Shu’halo tribes gathered to welcome the warm season with the Dance of the Earthmother, the opening and closing ceremonies this time lead by a now scattered and defunct tribe, aided by the Stonewind and Wolfmane tribes. The celebration was ripe with competition and victories for our tribe. Graba Tur’ek won the brawling competition, while Kaliwah Pinehoof won the jousting tournament. Those that did not have a desire for friendly violence have enjoyed this celebration by listening to tales at the Story Circle hosted by Taeana Palehorn of the Stonewind, and crafting toys and trinkets with Karanga Featherspear of the Wolfmane. The celebration ended with a most wonderful feast!

New friendships were also forged, as shortly after the Dance of the Earthmother, the various tribes gathered together to form what is now known as the Feathered Derecho Summit, a symbol of unity and friendship. Our newfound friends have invited us to most wonderful celebrations, the largest of which was the annual Thundermoon Festival, where the Wolfmane have hosted yet another successful jousting tournament. This celebration also coincided with our tribe’s return to Thunder Bluff, albeit it was only for a short stay.

Before the Wolfmane returned to the land they inherited, known as the Earthspear Village, another Feather Ceremony was held in Fargaze Mesa. Many new Kin were fully welcomed into the tribe, and one Kin, Tahlon Rainwalker, now walks among us as Honored Kin, in recognition of her service to the tribe and her quirky, but wonderful and supportive personality. The tribal council has grown as well, with Kiran Featherspear as the new Longwalker and Sermina Cliffseeker as the new Tranquil Mistwalker, Kaliwah Pinehoof’s close advisor. The monks of the Wolfmane now also bear the title of Mistwalker, one suitable for Shu’halo that follow the teachings of the Pandaren and the celestials.

With the season of celebrations coming to an end, the tribe returned to the Earthspear Village. Newcomer and Kin alike have settled in quickly, savoring the serenity and fresh air of the mountainous oasis. Their stay was short-lived however, as the visions seen by those who underwent their Spirit Journeys came to life. The Burning Legion has attacked the village and razed it to the ground! Many Shu’halo have fallen, bravely fighting back the endless waves of demons, trying to defend their home, but they were ultimately overwhelmed. The tribe had to separate and retreat all the way to Mulgore. Weeks they spent healing, recovering and preparing for battle, so they could return the favor to the Legion.

News arrived from a mage hailing from Dalaran: The Legion was entering our world somewhere in the Broken Isles, through a place called the Tomb of Sargeras. Not only was Kalimdor in peril, but so was Azeorth herself! The vast majority of the Wolfmane Tribe volunteered to aid the joint forces of the Horde, Alliance, and neutral parties, as the news was dire indeed. Preparations were quick, and the tribe departed the shores of Ratchet within days, heading to the Broken Isles by a “contracted” pirate vessel…
Bump for this awesome guild that I'm glad to be a part of. Even being tauren-centric, there's still a ton of diversity and it's all welcoming and fun.
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Daughter stealers!

JK. Good moo people. Much like!
October Newsletter!

The month of October is officially over, and nothing spooky happened around the Wolfmane camp thankfully. Or maybe it did? Who knows?!? Regardless, what better way to mark the end of a month than to bring a few announcements?

OOC News

Let us start with the recruitment topic! For the entire month of October, our 'gates' were closed to applicants, as we wanted to focus more on the large influx of new members that joined us in August and September. Our goal was reached and our guild is as active as always, with at least 10 people online every single evening, and many more on their alts. The 'gates' are now open again, and our guild shall welcome anyone willing to join us. Please check our application form here.

The website has undergone heavy updates which will hopefully be of better use to our members, as well as people interested in joining the guild. All of our guides and tribe information are now condensed into the Visitor's Guide! We have a brand new Rules and Code of Conduct page and a how-to guide on joining the tribe that everyone should glance over.

IC News

The tribe is growing! We have more calves coming on the way, and more fresh couples. We would all like to congratulate our two newly bound pairs, Gartamin Sunmane and Sermina Cliffseeker, with little Tiska in the middle, as well as Callinanu and Serashu, now both bearing the name Starflame, and with a little calf waiting to walk with the tribe!

Lastly, the topic that many of our Aspirants eagerly awaited: The Feather Ceremony! Since the last one was incredibly long, with a slew of promotions, the Council has decided to make this event happen at the start of every month, each time by a different (and willing) member of the Council. It is a wonderful occasion for all of us to show our appreciation to the members of this tribe.

And now without further ado, here are the latest promotions, this time handled by our Tranquil Mistwalker, Sermina Cliffseeker!

Our newest Aspirants
- Nanala Suntreader

Our newest Kin
- Haranida Moonflower
- Telrine Sunchaser
- Tharh
- Zensamadori

Our newest Honored Kin
- Thartek Frosthoof

Screenshots are here:
You will not f-find a b-b-better welcome this side of Thunder B-Bluff! Heh!
A Productive Week!

This week was quite interesting for the tribe. Aside for the Feather Ceremony, we have met with House Starfallen, a lovely Sin'dorei (and more!) bunch. We had a wonderful time, sharing world views, ideas, stories and food! Oh and tea. A friendship with a Sin'dorei organization is sure to be fruitful and bring interesting opportunities.

We also have a huge Story Circle tonight! Maybe the sharding went through some more changes? Who knows? Who cares?!? The last few circles were small, but now we are having a big bunch of people here telling stories, and it is wonderful! Quite a lot of Frostfire Clan and Guardians of the Grove folks dropped in to see what is going on it seems!

*gnomes up the place* My name is Hen and I approve this guild! *skitters away*
Glad to see Raton's still kicking around! The Wolfmane are some great folks!
War with the Drogbar!

The Drogbar are mad at the Wolfmane! The tribe had a few altercations with them since settling in Thunder Totem, but now, leaderless as they are following the fall of the Dargrul the Underking, a bunch of them banded together to attack the Wolfmane camp.

Fortunately, our scouts have found this out early and the tribe immediately gathered its fighters and healers to push back the latest threat. Three groups were formed to attack the encroaching Drogbar, and fighting them was by no means easy, but fortunately there were no casualties for us. Just a lot of bruises and injuries that will keep the healers busy for quite a while! For now, the tribe will just recover and resume its usual affairs, maybe relax a little in Mulgore with another Story Circle. Some have been missing for a few days however, and it is most strange...


We have been working on a new roll system, spearheaded by Gherumk, and put it in application during out last few events. We are working hard on refining it to make it as balanced and entertaining as possible for all our members. Feedback is always welcome and taken into consideration. Our aim here is to ensure everyone has fun during RP combat events! More combat events will be on the way!

Dungeons and Drogbar

Since the recent successful Wolfmane efforts in pushing back the reorganized Drogbar forces, things around camp were quiet. Too quiet. People were disappearing without word, likely enjoying a moment respite by exploring and hunting in the region. Very few of them were coming back however, and the chieftain was missing for a few weeks. Something had to be done!

And then came word from one of the calves that did manage to return, or rather, escape. A large number of Wolfmane kin were been kidnapped by the Drogbar, no doubt still grumpy over their defeat. Worse still, the missing Shu'halo were treated like slaves, put to hard labor and barely given any food! The tribe immediately gathered in their encampment near Thunder Totem and decided to search for their missing kin.

Two groups ascended the nearby mountains, right into Drogbar territory. A small team took care of distracting the Drogbar guards with most foul gestures and words, some enough to make a Dwarf blush, while the other, larger team invaded the less defended caves. The missing kin were found, many of them malnourished, some unconscious. Inspired by the sudden rescue, those that were able took up arms against their captors, and soon they were fighting their way out of the caves, meeting up with the distraction team, before the mostly reunited tribe finally escaped into a nearby valley, but not before sealing the cave entrance through which they escaped.

The tribe is still licking wounds, now living in seclusion not too far away from Thunder Totem, laying low and trying to avoid any unwanted attention. A few kin however stayed behind to ensure their friends and allies are up to date with all the recent events. Suffice to say, Highmountain is not as safe as it was originally thought to be.


The tribe’s story is now progressing, the situation with the Drogbar merely the start of a larger story. The Wolfmane’s days in Highmountain will soon come to an end, as the tribe seeks new adventures elsewhere, while also preparing for the not too distant Dance of the Earthmother, an event hosted by the Feathered Derecho Summit that will welcome the winter season. But first, the focus must go to the upcoming Feather Ceremony, now a monthly event in which promotions are given to our members.

We also officially started raiding, currently progressing through the Emerald Nightmare in normal mode with the help of the lovely folks from the Guardians of the Grove. So far we have defeated all bosses but Xavius. Heroic raiding seems to be on the horizon already.

November Update

November ended on a bruised note for the Wolfmane Tribe, due to the storyline, and here is the monthly update, just a few days overdue to include the latest promotions!

OOC News

Despite the current finals and sales season that has been going on for a large number of people, we are still very active and have guild events at least twice a week. Our storyline is also progressing, with the tribe leaving Thunder Totem behind and settling farther away, close to the Witchwood in Highmountain. This stay is only temporary of course, as the tribe will move again soon, as per its nomadic roots.

If you are interested in mingling with the Wolfmane, or joining them, your best bet is to attend the weekly Story Circle in Bloodhoof Village, Sundays at 18:00 PST (WRA time). No sharding guaranteed (and if for some reason it still happens, please ask for an invite on the zone chat)!

And now, the most important bit of news: The Dance of the Earthmother - Winter Edition! Join the Tauren tribes of Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord in helping the Earthmother welcome the winter season, and the long cold ahead! When? December 17th and 18th. Where? Northrend! (Warlocks will be available to summon you). Go here for more details:


IC News

The month started pleasantly for the tribe, with its people making new friends and enjoying a relatively relaxed life in the cold Highmountain. And then the Drogbar came into the picture, becoming a real threat to the tribe. The brave family fought them back, and succeeded, only to have many kin kidnapped by the said Drogbar as revenge. A rescue effort took place and resulted in a weary and wounded tribe.

The chieftain is unfortunately still unconscious, but the tribe healers are hopeful that he will wake and recover in no time. For now however, most of the tribe is safely licking wounds and making a new, temporary, home in Cliff's Edge, Highmountain, while a few are still scattered for various reasons.

On a positive note, the month ended with yet another Feather Ceremony, this time welcoming two new members to the council, Nadan and Sonne!

Here is the list of promotions!

Our newest Aspirants
- Myinhai Windfall

Our newest Kin
- Nanala Suntreader
- Zibra'ji

Our newest Council Members
- Sonne Riverhorn, the Grandwalker of the Wolfmane Tribe
- Nadan Stormchaser, the High Strider of the Wolfmane Tribe
"Long ago, the Wolfmane tribe lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the drogbar attacked..."
Hmmmm, been a while since since we had any noise in here... The past few weeks have been more on the quiet side due to finals and people preparing for holidays, but random fun and goofy times happened as always. No pesky holidays will keep the Moopile quiet!

On behalf of the Wolfmane Tribe, I wish you all a Merry Winter Veil! I hope you all had a great time for the eve, as well as this morning!
December Update

Heifers and bulls, it is newsletter time! Before we get into that though, on behalf of the Wolfmane Tribe and the Feathered Derecho Summit, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! May the 12 moons of 2017 be filled with countless joys and memorable moments!

And now, let us get into the beef of it... Get it? Beef!

OOC News

December was a great month for the guild, even with those pesky holidays in the way. Recruitment is still open and the roster is slowly growing, while activity is high as always with weekly events and random RP. The most important event this month was the Dance of the Earthmother, which was a massive hit, with more tribes present than ever before! It is amazing to see how lively the Tauren community can be when brought together!

As for the tribe, it still resides near the Witchwood and preparing for the next leg of the storyline! Story Circles still keep going on every Sunday however, so make sure to drop by and mingle!

IC News

The final moon of the year was quite a great mix of emotions for the Wolfmane Tribe, as her kin endured celebrations and reunions, as well as tragedies and fighting. It began with the waking of our chieftain Raton, who just a moon before was captured by the Drogbar, and could barely be considered alive judging by his horrendous injuries. He got little respite however, as a meeting with our Orcish friends happened on the day of his awakening, resulting in a new alliance formed between the Wolfmane Tribe, the Southfury Watch and the Varnarok Guard.

While Raton was still recovering, the tribe was pulled into a skirmish with the Feltotem Shu'halo, abominations to our kind and our ways. The elders and the council gathered together to discuss this issue, as the enemy lived mere steps from the tribe's new camp, and their Bloodtotem hosts. A decision was reached: interrogate a captured Feltotem prisoner, then humanely put him out of his misery, then go to war with the Feltotem Shu'halo.

While the tribe was making preparations for war, the family still remained fractured, as the Tranquil Mistwalker, Sermina Cliffseeker and her calf Tiska were both still missing following the kidnappings from the prior moon. With a rough description of where the missing mother might be, given by a scryer from Dalaran, her mentor and teacher, Kaliwah Pinehoof, together with her soon-to-be mate Tahlon Rainwalker, the elder huntress Bheitha and her loyal companion, the High Strider Nadan Stormchaser and his mate Oxuauda headed out on a rescue mission. The missing mother was being hunted by a band of Vrykul huntresses and their trained wolves, who received a proper beating. Despite being successful in their rescue mission, the party will be forever haunted by the passing the elder huntress Bheitha and her hyena companion, both of which succumbed to their injuries, far beyond the healing capabilities of the tribe's healers.

Feltotem and Vrykul are also not the only threats faced by the tribe, as the local harpies also set their eyes on the Shu'halo camp. It was decided to launch an attack on the newest threat, which ended with the death of their matriarch. The rest of the harpies retreated and no doubt learned to keep their distance from the tribe. For now at least…

And now onto the more positive news. The tribe is growing! Being in the most dangerous place on Azeorth sure does little to deter the birth of new calves! The new calves are not the only reason to celebrate however, as winter has also arrived. The various Shu’halo tribes of Azeroth gathered together for the seasonal Dance of the Earthmother, possibly the largest one yet, to welcome the coming of winter and aid the Earthmother in entering her slumber.

The long winter also begins with Winter Veil, and the Shu'halo of the Wolfmane are no stranger to that peculiar holiday. A Secret Greatfather Winter event marked the end of the year, with many interesting gifts exchanged anonymously. Those who did not sign up but happened to be present also received various goodies. Suffice to say, the tribe ended the year with a festive style!

Here’s to a wonderful 2017 for the Shu’halo community! *raises flask of Firewater*

And some screenshots!




The New Year is here, and we start it off with another Feather Ceremony, this time with quite a few changes to the tribe's ranking system. Those who performed great deeds for the tribe now receive eagle feathers, but only once a month! Those who gather enough feathers will be promoted to the rank of Honored Kin!

In addition, everyone now receives a colored Wampum bracelet, based on their rank within the tribe! Every rank comes with an additional bracelet. This is a new ... or rather old... way to identify members of the tribe aside for the classic feathers.

The tribe's council has also grown, welcoming Garanharak Grimtotem as the Revenant and Serashu Starflame as the Windstrider! More Kin and Aspirants have also joined our ranks, so let us delve into the list!

Our newest Aspirants
- Shiuza Ironfur
- Taurus Stonehoof

Our newest Kin
- Alphie Ironhorn
- Elder Mica Windhowl
- Lillyandra Tur'ek
- Ra'kitah Earthmend

Our newest Advisors
- Serashu Starflame, Windstrider of the Wolfmane Tribe, advisor to Nadan Stormchaser

Our newest Council Members
-Garanharak Grimtotem, Revenant of the Wolfmane Tribe
Hamburgers and good RP for all!
Thinking of bringing steak to the next gund'harg...