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The Southfury Watch
Red Dust and Honor!

What is the Southfury Watch?

The Southfury Watch is a militia dedicated to defending the Horde lands bordering the Southfury River. It is responsible for recruiting its own watchers, building and maintaining its own outposts, and keeping itself supplied. The Southfury Watch’s prime motivation is defending the land which the Horde calls home, and ensuring travellers may use the roads safely.

Who is the Southfury Watch?

The Southfury Watch is made up of Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, and Goblins from tribes and clans loyal to the Horde.

Veteran warriors who tire of the endless world spanning campaigns, young scouts trying to prove themselves, or perhaps those who wish to find redemption in defending the boar farmers and traders that span across the Barrens can find themselves within our ranks. Every watcher is promised bedding and food for a day’s work.

The Southfury Watch was once known as the Hammer of Kalimdor, a warband that was nearly toppled by inner conflict during the reign of Warchief Hellscream. The Hammer was remade into the Southfury Watch, and has stood strong ever since.

The Purpose of the Watch

The Watch works tirelessly to protect the people of the Horde, and the Barrens itself. To this purpose, Watchers have constant patrols to keep the roads safe. While patrols may make up the bulk of the Watch’s duty, caravan escorts, guard duty, and general labor are also responsibilities of every Watcher. After all, the stables do not clean themselves.

((Roll events, patrols, defending settlements, casual RP, and occasional pvp and pve can be expected. Most of our time is spent in the Barrens, using the Crossroads as a hub.))


Want to join or have questions? In-game mail or whispers to Ceadrith, Tezel, or Topsail are the best way to get questions answered. Preferred method of contact is in-character walk-up-roleplay to members of the Watch. We are often in the Barrens, and are a friendly bunch to whisper.


Red Dust and Honour


Red Dust and Honor*


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Welcome back Southfury Watch, good to see you guys still going!

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Back in my day, hot dogs were always mentioned when the south Fury was watched. The soup has distracted you from your purpose. Offers secret hot dog gumbo recipe to provide unity and restore watchfulness This is the way.


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