[H-RP/PVE/PVP] <The Grim>

A Grim Purpose

The complete destruction of the Alliance and any other enemy of the Horde is the goal towards which we strive.

Some of us are called evil or ruthless. Others simply want justice or revenge. Yet others simply want to help protect Azeroth from destructive forces. In any case, we know that a dead enemy is the only kind that is not a threat. No prisoners. No mercy.

Peace through annihilation. Walk among us.


The Grim is a heavy roleplay guild that also raids and PVP’s. We are a medium-sized guild that has been active since 2005. Our members are made up of some college students and mostly adults, many with jobs and families. We understand that real life always comes first, and we have very low tolerance for drama and attention seekers.

We are not a military guild. We’re more of an IC gang, so that each character can retain their individuality without having to try to fit into the rank and file. We have a Commander who has absolute authority, and officers who support him and have authority in his absence.

Grim Weekly Schedule : (all times are server time, no activity is mandatory)

Monday: Mythic+ dungeons, starting around 5:30 or 6:00. Key levels vary, depending who’s there each night.

Tuesday & Thursday: 5:30 – 8:30pm - The Grim raids current content on Normal and Heroic. We also complete the meta-achievements for each raid. (We are also currently people to our raid team, with or without them joining the guild.)

Wednesday: 6:00 – 9:00 pm – PVP Night consisting of the weekly PVP zone quest, PVP Islands, incursions, random wPVP, regular battlegrounds and battleground brawls, and sometimes arenas.

Friday: 6:00pm – guild RP meetings. Once/month hosted by the guild leader, other weeks hosted by the High Inquisitor. The Inquisition meetings mainly focus on RP for the newer members, though all Grim are welcome, and there is usually a followup event, such as battlegrounds, Brawler’s Guild, or another RP event.

Saturday & Sunday: Nothing regularly scheduled. Special events, off nights, etc.

Grim RP : Our raids and PVP nights are considered to be IC battles (though we do not actually RP the entire time during the event!). We are in need of role-players who are good at creating suitable stories for the guild to get involved in. We do not do regular dice-rolling RP battles, but we are not completely opposed to them if they are well organized as part of a larger storyline.

Grim Character Restrictions:

  • Recruitment is always open for the playable races of the Horde (Orc, Troll, Tauren, Forsaken, Blood Elf, Goblin, Pandaren who chose Horde, along with any playable Horde allied races). While we will accept variations in these races, such as an orc from a clan other than Frostwolf, or trolls from various tribes, we do not accept non-playable races, such as dragons, half-humans, arakkoa, vampire elves, etc.

  • Any character who wants to be friendly with the Alliance or any other enemy of the Horde is not suitable for The Grim.

  • We have no class or level restrictions.

  • In addition to Blizzard’s naming guidelines for RP servers, we also require that names be made up of letters on a standard keyboard, to avoid anyone having to look up or memorize codes to type a guildmate’s name.

Grim Misc The Grim uses Mumble (or in-game voice if we have guests without Mumble) for organized guild events, and we also have a Discord server.

For more information, or to apply to join, please visit www.thegrim.org or our Discord server https://discord.gg/wGxxy6H or contact Syreenna (bnet: Syreena#1382).

Recent accomplishments:

  • Dec 19 - Glory of the Eternal Raider meta-achievement completed
  • Nov 14 - AotC: Queen Azshara


  • Ny’alotha, the Waking City raid
  • PVP nights starting up again

The Grim is an absolutely fantastic guild, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a guild that advertises itself as exploring all aspects of the game, and then does a great job of delivering on all fronts. Both raid and RP nights are incredibly consistent (and well-managed) while also providing a both quality and stress-free atmosphere. It’s a wonderful guild to be a part of and the perfect sort to put your main in, come check us out!


It was a small gathering in Stonard, not enough to pull off the original plan, but enough to cause some mayhem to the Alliance. After some discussion of strategy, Riana’s plan was deemed most likely to succeed.

Off the group flew, winging their way across Alliance lands before landing above the gates of Ironforge. As soon as everyone arrived, Commander Awatu went over the plan again, and then led us into the city.

“Peace through Annihilation!” Our words echoed through the stony halls as we ran over the few dwarves that we found.

We took the Tram to Stormwind, where we quickly exited and made our way to the bank, clearing out all Alliance in our path. We stayed long enough to fulfill our objective, and then, as the guards and citizens began to amass, we retreated back to the Tram and then were able to use the portal that High Inquisitor Qabian made. The High Inquisitor did tarry in taking his own portal, and was injured as the angry mob following us took out their frustrations on him. He is recovering nicely, sympathy cards unneeded.

Do you wish to live in a world of Peace, without Alliance contamination? Join the Grim!

–Report made by Duskheron, tauren shaman.


We RP ERRY SINGLE FRIDAY along with other days as well on occasion! Be sure to come check us out if you’re interested in a good time! Additionally, we’re also interested in workin’ with other guilds that have similar interests whether it be for RP, PvP, or anything in between!

(and by “similar interests”, we totally mean the wholesale slaughter of the Alliance until nothing remains but ash and cinder, buuut we’re also happy to support friendly neighborhood bakeries 'n the like!)


The Grim is still in the search for more raiders for casual AOTC progression in Azshara’s Palace, make sure to come along if you’re interested in a raid group with a fantastic attitude (and a Brit included). We’re also accepting raiders who aren’t a part of the guild, feel free to inquire about that as well!


Overabundance of off-server Alliance in Nazjatar gettin’ you down? Wouldn’t YOU like to see them exterminated as they rightfully deserve? So do we!


The Shadowblade Syreenna has carefully collected and organized the scattered reports of what lies inside Azshara’s Palace. We gather tomorrow.

Do you enjoy killing naga? Can you see how beautiful a world without Alliance would be? Join us.

Peace through annihilation!


Iiiiiiiit’s beginnin’ to look a lot like fishmen
Everywhere I go
From the minute we washed ashore
Could hardly tolerate Nathanos anymore
I thought the naga’s cities would be gooooooooooooold-

The rest is too booze-stained to decipher.

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A warrior, a monk, and a warlock walk into a bar. No wait, that’s the start of a joke. The Grim might be looking to recruit these heroes of the Horde to help clear out an underwater palace full of naga.

Contact Syreenna, Gavril, Riana, or myself if interested!


Alliance in Mechagon rustlin’ your jimmies? Wouldn’t you like to see them mecha-gone?

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Have you had a premonition that bronze dragons might send you back in time roughly 15 years ago in a few weeks? The Grim is/was/will be around back then. Once Chromie lets us know the coordinate system, we will be recruiting then/now/soon.

Oh, and we’re still here too! Might be killing an underwater Queen tonight! crosses fingers


For those who’ll be joining us in Classic, make sure to swing by and check out The Grim on Grobbulus! We’ve been around since the very beginning (some of us anyway!).

…also, can we talk about that name? “Grobbulus”? It’s ridiculous, although admittedly pretty fun to say.




Only about 4 days away, get hyped! Don’t worry though, we’ll still be plenty active on the live servers even once we’re enjoyin’ classic.

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Well well, moved here recently. Many familiar names, but things will be different. I once fight along side the Grim as a Raven Cross, but now I will have to fight you!


The Grim are still recruiting and looking for more. Currently working on heroic Ashvane! Join us.


i just xferred here, I would like to be recruited ect. This is the kind of guild Im looking for.

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Hiya Boozdog, I think Riana replied to your app.

The Grim’s IC response to recent happenings in game can be read here: https://thegrim.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=12909


Guild meeting tomorrow, it’s a good time to check us out alongside the Inquisitions every Friday!

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We’re still around, and we’re looking for more people to help us plunge the depths of Nya’lotha!

This isn’t yelp.