Any east coast guilds around?

Hey, getting back into WoW after a year or so away and I’m looking for a Horde guild that raids on est time going into SL. I can play ranged(mage) or melee/heals(Ret/Hpal) depending on what the guild group needs. I’m also into m+, pvp and rp so it doesn’t have to be just a raiding guild. If you’re in a guild or know of a guild that would be a good fit, let me know <3


Hi Arcaneaux,

There are quite a few guilds with that will meet all of your needs on your list, but the only way to find out if you’re compatible or not is to test the waters and get in touch with them /nodnod.

Something to keep in mind, sobering advice, BfA is quite terrible. I think most folks are willing to discuss the facts, but for this post’s sake, role-players largely hate it. Whether or not guilds on this server role-play or not, the overarching story of Sylvanas, war-crimes being picked like dandelions, the horrific writing, and the god-awful systems (corruption being the latest :nauseated_face:), guilds are hurting. Communities are going dormant til the 9.0 patch.

Start with the WrA directory to begin your search. Keep in mind also: not every guild uses the forums. There are some Goliath guilds on the red team that never touch this board. Here’s two guilds that I think will set you on a good searching path:

  1. Pyreanor, a small guild focusing on slice of life and semi-hardcore raiding.

  2. The Grim, a very old guild that many veterans of WrA, Twisting Nether, and Ravenholdt (and Emerald Dream) talk about from time to time. Very anti-Alliance and a lot of PVP on the forefront, but great players who raid competitively (heroic mode).

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask and don’t be a stranger. Here’s hoping you find your Goldilock (it’s juuuust right)! :smiley:


Sadly we’re west coast in terms of main activities.

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Haha, look at me looking like a dork.


Well, server time is pacific. Maybe the gap is small enough? My apologies. Time is a concept these days and I meld all time zones together in my head. I’ll search for more guilds and let you know, OP.

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9pm to midnight est I think.

Not totally sure.

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For sure BFA stinks, that’s why I took a year off and am basically just coming back to get things set up and running for SL & yeah timezones are a big sad, I work 3rd shift on the east coast so I need a guild that stops raiding around 10pm my time(7 server I think?) and most guilds I’ve come across sound great in every aspect except that they raid from like 6-9 server time ._.

Hello Arcaneaux,

Horde Brothers may be what you are looking for. Raid takes place every Saturday at 5-8pm server/PST (8-11pm EST). Though it is past 10 pm it is closer than some other raid times. You could speak to the Raid Leader about leaving early.

Also RP events take place twice a week starting at 7 pm EST if you are interested in RP.


Thanks Vyn! I’ll take a look at that and maybe toss the boss a whisper in game tomorrow sometime, see what they think. I know a lot of guilds aren’t too keen on people dipping early every raid xD but you never know :woman_shrugging:

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