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Nice to meet you. Would be interested to check ya'll out <3)

Hey, nice to meet you, too! I sent you an ingame mail.


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Heya folks! Just because BfA dropped doesn't mean the fun has to stop!

In addition to helping each other level, run world quests and dungeons, and get new gear, Firebrand has the following activities planned for the week...

Sunday: Given the recent incidents in Northern Kalimdor and Undercity that put the current war into full gear, Lady Narkyssa- our chief researcher and head of the medical branch- is offering a training class on first aid, field medicine, and guidance on how to deal with a chemical attack. That's this Sunday afternoon.

Monday: This may just be a rumor, but I hear that people who may or may not be affiliated with Firebrand Enterprises might be having a clandestine meeting in Booty Bay with people who are not exactly the most loyal to the Horde to possibly discuss the chance for an opportunity to make some kind of business type arrangement... or so I hear.

Tuesday: We host our semi-monthly recruitment drive in the Valley of Honor. One of my favorite events because we get to meet all kinds of new people and tell them about all the wonderful opportunities in store for them at Firebrand Enterprises. All classes. All races. All levels welcome! If your character

Wednesday: For those who want more adventure, Wednesday is going to see many people in the company heading down to Tanaris on some sort of expedition to recover artifacts from a long lost Titan facility. I've never actually been on one of these outings, but from my understanding, they can pretty dangerous. I do know that the last time some folks headed to Northrend, something happened with some grenades, and a couple of folks had to spend the next few weeks recuperating. I sent them a cake.

Thursday: Zandalar is open for business! Boss Lady V herself is going to be heading into the city of gold, escorted by security personnel and people with an eye for business in order to do a formal assessment of the place. Pretty sure having someone versed in Troll culture/history/economics would be helpful too.

Friday: Another chance for money- this time off the coast of the Badlands. We got a tip off about a rich mineral deposit in the area, and engineering's going to hard at work developing means to reach and extract it.

Saturday: After some job interviews with prospective employees, Firebrand Enterprises is going to be running a booth in the monthly Guilded Market (a multi-guild RP event organized by Guilded Ivory Cartel) down in Tol'vir! Even if you don't swing by to sample some of the goods produced by our company's amazing artisans, feel free to wander around the market and enjoy a wide variety of In-character goods and services. I've seen tattoos artists, fortune tellers, minstrels, and more!

And this is just what's on the calendar. Talk to any given member, and chances are that they have their own ongoing storylines that you're more than welcome to jump in and out of.

There's something for everyone here at Firebrand Enterprises! Every single day of the week. Why're you just sitting around waiting for your future to just happen to you when you could be working on it with us?

At Firebrand Enterprises, your future is our business!

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Bumping again.

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*Gives the company a massive lift and heave, throwing it back up to the top!*

And a great big push back up to where this thing belongs, right at the top!

*flexes in Orcish!*

Don't forget people, every great company has some kick !@# In-home Security, come get your muscle on and let's keep those lovable merchants protected!

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This week in Firebrand:

Tonight, 7pm - Firebrand Hall: Perona. Perona's feilds are cleared.
Monday, 6pm - Missing Stockpiles. We need some help tracking down missing supplies.
Tuesday, 6pm - Perona's Birthday Party. Come help celebrate.
Wednesday, 630pm - OOC Workshop in Discord. Narkyssa is one of several speakers about being a hero as a character.
Thursday, 6pm - Girl's Night Out. We all know how women are when they get together.
Saturday, 1pm - Casual Raiding. We team up with GIC et al. to raid Uldir.

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Well well well, what do we have here? This looks like it could be a very interesting organization you got going here! If you are interested in a young and upcoming Priestess, I'm sure that we could work out a fair and agreeable contract that would benefit m... your esteemed Enterprise! Let me know if you're interested. I've got the best heals, anywhere!

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Sent you ingame mail!

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First thing first. This guild is very active both IC and OOC. A very friendly community of people who just want to have fun. If you're looking for active events and storylines, look no further. Events every day. RP every day. Come join us and have some fun sculpting your story with us!

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Active. Drama free. Leadership knows what they're doing. What more could you ask for in a guild?

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I'm looking for some entertainers and vendors/staff for a few events this month. Would you guys be able to help me out?

I pay well. :3

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10/19/2018 09:35 AMPosted by Shaysinn

I pay well. :3

This? This here?

It goes at the beginning, not the end.

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10/19/2018 09:35 AMPosted by Shaysinn
I'm looking for some entertainers and vendors/staff for a few events this month. Would you guys be able to help me out?

I'm sending you ingame mail! Also, I'm Vee#8400 in Discord, friend me! We can make a deal! We got what you need!