[H-RP] Firebrand Enterprises 🔥

(Snetch) #41
A great guild, the kind of thing I feel I always wanted for this character. 10/10 highly recommend.

(Boznik) #42
Can confirm, I am maining this toon in BFA purely because I have so much fun with this guild.

(Sevarak) #43
I moved this toon over WrA just for this guild and it was one of the better decisions I've made playing WoW. No drama, most people are open to most everything, and everyone's an adult and they act like it. We don't have a raid team, but we've allied with another guild on WrA to give the people that want to do that an opportunity.

Heck, I even accidentally started a war... (of course, now I have to write the story for that but, you know, first world problems)

(Veendell) #44
"Accidentally" started a war, he says...

(Megahes) #45
What in the love of coin is this?

straps on some rockets and blasts this baby on up, Up, UP!

Whether it's starting wars, making money, conducting lucrative business transactions, advancing global dominance, finding the cure to Cancer or even having a sexy dance party where someone ends up with marker and embarassing pictures drawn on their face after they fall down the stairs after they pass out.... I forgot where I was going with this.

Anyways, Firebrand is amazing and ya know what? You just might be too if you're lookin' at this point. *finger guns*

(Veendell) #46

(Veendell) #47

(Tamanii) #48
Tired of the following in your guilds...

-Narrow race/class/occupational restrictions?
-Leadership that treats your character more like a prop than a person?
-Stand-offish and cliquey members?
-Infrequent and/or repetitive events/plots?

Then come check out <Firebrand Enterprises>!

All races, classes, and character types welcome! If you've got a talent that allows you to turn a profit and you're a reasonable (enough) adult, Boss Lady V'll try to find a way to get you in on the action. We've got Orcs! We've got Elves! We've got Trolls! We've got Pandaren and Undead! Even something that's technically a Tauren... or something. All in occupations ranging from mercenary work to entertainment to racing.

Boss Lady and the rest of us in the guild are interested in providing you with the contacts, the scenarios, and the events you need to realize your character's story arcs and help them grow in the direction you want. Merchant looking to expand his business? Mercenary looking for revenge on behalf of her lost lover? Criminal wanting to go legit, but finding the lure of their old ways increasingly difficult to resist? We can help, but you have to let us know!

Roleplaying events happen regularly and are likewise varied. Your character can be dealing with elementals in the Firelands one day, fighting pirates in Booty Bay the next, then spend the weekend relaxing at the spa with your coworkers before attending an exclusive party with music provided by our amazing DJ, Spetz.

We're pretty light on the PvE content, with only a couple dungeon achievement runs since I've joined, and no raiding. Same deal on the PvP front. We do have members who are interested in actual game content, though, so if anyone wants to try stepping forward to whip this sorry bunch of lazy RP'ers into a well disciplined, well coordinated, and well geared content churning machine, don't count us out! I'm sure things will pick up more once BfA hits. Afterall, the sooner we all reach max level and experience all the new stuff, the sooner we can get back to Roleplaying because there's nothing else left to do in the game!

Does that all sound like fun? Then flag one of our characters down and engage in a friendly chat. See if you like it. Then go see one our guild leaders: Boss Lady (Veendell in game), Megahes, Maesion, or Ashagar (who I'm told does indeed actually exist). Also, don't forget to tell them Tamani sent you. I'm not just a member, I'm *HEAD OF PUBLICITY* and get paid a big fat bonus for promoting the guild and drawing in new members!

Plus I told them you'd join, and you wouldn't want to make me a liar, would you?

(Clocksworth) #49
They are pretty cool. I would recommend them.

(Starships) #50
Been with these guys close to a month now after leaving my inactive guild and I have to say these guys are the most creative, fun bunch I've had the pleasure of getting to RP with!

I've seen a mixture of casual, light-hearted, silly rp all the way to planning out long, extensive, character-developing arcs. Definitely newbie friendly if you're looking to get your feet wet into the RP scene! and always inviting of veteran or returning roleplayers to stimulate with fresh takes and new spins to plots. If you have an idea, these guys are certainly willing to help see it flourish and work with you.

Highly recommended!

(Veendell) #51

(Demytrya) #52
Firebrand is an amazing goblin run guild on WrA and V, the leader is equally so. For those of you looking for RP that focuses on such, I'd heavily recommend you look no further.

These people are great!

(Destitor) #53
This sounds like something I'm really interested in. Alas, I'm on moon guard. I've been considering transferring though as similar guilds on moon guard are race restricted :(

(Veendell) #54
First, thank you so much for the kind words, Demy! I really appreciate them :) In point of fact, we're about equally split between elves and goblins with representatives of most other races as well.

Second, Destitor, if you have questions while making your decision, friend me on Discord at Vee#8400 and I'll answer what I can. I'd hate to see you transfer then be unhappy.

(Veendell) #55

(Megahes) #56
*Slaps the roof of the guild!*

We can fit so many new members in this bad boy!

(Veendell) #57

(Naturasu) #58
If Ya'll don't know me, you will eventually or you'll know someone who does. Especially if your'e in Org. I cant tell you enough how much I love this guild and if you ask Megahes I am probably the most picky person when it comes to the RP I find myself in and the guilds I roll with because I usually find myself bored or at odds with most of the people in any of the guilds I've come across over the years.

Not Firebrand.

Since Ive joined there has yet to NOT be an event of some sort through out the week or people on to do one thing or the other(RP,BG, PVE, WQ), even if it just actively talking in game or in discord. We have so many events, not only with our own guild but many of the guilds that we alley with lots of 3rd party events big and small from lectures to contests and parties big and small. We network and run personal storylines that are catered to the individual character not just stuff that furthers the guild agenda.
Aside from having in the past run my own guild, I've yet to have found a guild with the level interaction Firebrand has with its members.

SO with that in mind.

Don't just take this Sexy Techno Mechanical Trolls opinion, come find us. Even if you don't join us we're more than worth the time to hang out with, mingle with, start a story with! We don't disappoint!

(Norganis) #59
Finally found a guild to RP with! They are very organized and open to new RP’ers. There’s enough active members to have regular events so you can find what time frame works for you and go with it. If you’re looking to give your character a story and RP a bit, come talk to us!

As for the raiding, this little green “pocket lock” will be seeking gear in the next expansion and will gather his demons and group up with you.

(Kerushii) #60
How very interesting. Your proposition sounds like it could be enticing. I've been all over the world attempting to study various lands and cultures, and it seems like our leaders are all hellbent on making that more and more difficult. Having the backing of such a venture could prove useful in dangerous times.

(I'm actually brand new to this server though I've been playing this game since launch though stopped for a good while after Cataclysm. Saw a little of Draenor but skipped Legion entirely. All my old friends who played kinda petered out and I lost the drive to play. Recently though new people in my life got me all fired up to play again and I'm really looking forward to BFA. I've always wanted to be on a RP server since I do a lot of DnD and stuff, but never had the change before cause all my friends were on other servers at the time. So hey. Nice to meet you. Would be interested to check ya'll out <3)