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I pay well. :3

This? This here?

It goes at the beginning, not the end.


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I'm looking for some entertainers and vendors/staff for a few events this month. Would you guys be able to help me out?

I'm sending you ingame mail! Also, I'm Vee#8400 in Discord, friend me! We can make a deal! We got what you need!


Awesome, thanks!

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OP updated! New website link!!


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Totally awesome guild, amazing RP and story lines with little to no OOC drama, come on and join up!

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New forums, new updates! We’ve got a busy weekend planned…

Yesterday, a bunch of Firebrands traveled into the windswept wastes of Vol’dun in order to rescue one of our own who went missing. Welcome back, Mikk! There’s sure to be more RP centered around the events and resulting consequences in the following days.

Tonight we just have plans to hang out at the bar; doing some public relations and maybe drumming up a little publicity. Tammy’s time to shine!

Saturday is when we do our raiding content in conjunction with the . Later in the day, we’re to attend the fox hunt being hosted by Agents of Surumar, followed shortley thereafter by Aquaball being hosted in the city of the same name.

The following day? More raiding, a meeting for members of the Commerce department of the company, a construction scene for Quixy’s new place at our new company campus in the Eastern Plaguelands, and for those who can only catch us online later at night, a little friendly get together where people play Mad Libs- courtesy of Twinny!

That’s just over the course of a couple of days. We’ve got all kinds of events planned for the next couple of weeks!

So why’re you sitting there by yourself in the Valley of Honor complaining about not having anything to do? This is an open invitation! Come join us at Firebrand Enterprises, where your future is our business!

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Aquaball? That sounds interesting! Firebrand Enterprises is full of some amazing people. Highly recommend them.

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Thanks for the endorsement, Kryll :slight_smile: I recommend Gilded Ivory Cartel right back!



Do you guys kill Alliance at all?

Because killing Alliance is kind of near the top of my list of priorities right now.

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I play exclusively in Warmode on my Priest alt and sometimes I team up with guildmates to do world content or the rare battlefield, but our guild generally does very little PvP.


I was thinking more of a story point of view.

Like, how ICly involved in the war is Firebrand?

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While several characters do fight for the Horde, those stories are more personal to them and in the background of the guild itself. Firebrand Enterprises supports the Warchief and the Horde and will not commit treason but most of the scenes that we do center around the challenges of the company itself, than the faction as a whole.

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Bump! Ooo, gotta have 10 chrs now? Well. Here they are, Blizzard lol

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Silly Blizzard. Firebrand has so many special characters.

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Even though it’s a huge holiday month in December, our calendar still has alot on it. We have a great team of people telling stories here.


Void Storage and Shipping is proud to be working with Firebrand now as for getting things setup with storage caches and shipments. Had a blast at the last event you DMed!

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Tonight at 5pm in the Drag, we’re having a Winter Veil Walk-up Sale. Come check it out!!!

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Happy Holidays, everyone! Tam’s back, and she’s gotten a shiny new promotion along with a pay raise and access to the company boardroom! After lots of OOC (and nearly as much IC) discussion, I’ll now be taking an even larger part in advertising efforts, as well as the recruitment and hiring of new employees. :eye:Expect to see a lot more of me around here! :eye:

In further non-Tamani related news…

Yes, Christmas season is busy time of the year, and that means fewer schedule events. Fortunately for us, stays so busy that even their “slow season” still translates into daily events! All times are server time.
Saturday (and Sunday) have us raiding with Gilded Ivory Cartel at 1pm. If you’re new to raiding or just looking to have a good time with people doing PvE content, this is for you!

Later, at 3pm or if you didn’t want to raid, Nak’gorash- an orc member of the Security branch of the company is hosting an event! He’s going to be leading an expedition into Silithus in search of as-of-yet undisclosed “choice piece of loot”. What could it be? Gold? Azerite? Golden Azerite, which is like regular Azerite, but better because gold?

To cap off a Saturday full of murder and looting, join us as we crash the A Very Tart Winter Veil. It’s a Winter Veil show and party being hosted the Succulent Tart. If you don’t already know them, they’re a very active entertainment troupe with specializations in Burlesque and Vaudeville style shows. They regularly host massive shows, parties, and other social events. Stop on by and show them some love!

Sunday, after some more raiding, we’re having the company Winter Veil party in Orgrimmar! It’s going to occur at… wait, this can’t be right… It says that it’s occurring at the “Broken Tusk Tavern” in some part of the city called the “Valley of… Strength”? Never heard of either of those places. Might still be fun.

Monday is Boss Lady’s day off, so don’t bug her! Even she can’t resist the Winter Veil spirit, though, and at 6pm we’re all going to spread some holiday cheer alongside Scions of Antiquity! Join us as we travel though the city; singing carols and collecting donations of toys and treats to gift to all those orphaned and infirmed due to the recent war.

On Tuesday, we’re meeting with our close associates at Gilded Ivory Cartel again for a crafting event! Join us in the historic district of Dazar’alor and learn a new craft! Who knows, you may find out you have a knack for something you’d never thought you’d be into or simply gain some greater insight into the vocation of others!

Two hours after that event (8pm), we’re going to be teaming up as a guild in order to perform a Hellfire Citadel Transmog run.Narky needs a new pair of shoes! Not to toot my own horn, but on a related note, Firebrand Enterprises also happens to employ many of the most fashionable individuals to be found in all of Azeroth. If you’re looking to give your personal style that much needed shot in the arm, you can’t go wrong with us!

On Wednesday, we take things easy with some Warfronts at 7pm. Yes, you’ve probably done the new warfront about a dozen times already by now, but have you done them with FIREBRAND ENTERPRISES?! It’s like a regular warfront, but with more people in voice chat making jokes and asking what they’re supposed to be doing. Whatever. It’s a warfront. It’s not like you can lose.

At 1pm is a meeting between Boss Lady V and her new accountant ) Skalzz. While this scene will mostly involve V and Skalzz doing business, others are welcome to attend!

Things quiet down until 7pm, when we pick up the next chapter in our LEGACY OF POWER storyline. I’m not super up on the details myself, but I believe it involves the discovery and reactivation of some kind of eldritch machinery in the Netherstorm and the company’s ongoing attempts to unravel the mysteries surrounding it so that they can exploit it for financial gain. It’s been going on for weeks now.

So there’s an overview of the next week or so of events! That’s also just the stuff that’s scheduled. We have plenty of impromptu roleplaying and several individual character storylines that weave in and out of one another to form larger ones. Oh, and the planned return of our guild movie nights, cards against humanity, and other non-WoW fun! At Firebrand Enterprises, we are not you’re family. We’re you’re drinking buddies!

Does any of that sound interesting to you? If so, feel free to contact myself, Narkyssa, or Veendell in game!

And never forget, your future is our business!

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V’s Player: And you know we’re good if we have people as enthusiastic as Tamanii working for us lol
V: I know, right? Girl exhausts me, no lie at all.
V’s Player: Well, sure but that’s why you pay her after all.
V snorts. : Certain sure it is.