[H-RP] Firebrand Enterprises 🔥

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Updated November 7th!

I.. You know, I've been thinking about how to update this but there's so much to write about who we are, and what we do and ... I could text wall us all to death for hours. Instead, just a few important bits and a link to our wiki page.


Firebrand Enterprises is a commercial venture created to finance a variety of projects. Owned and operated by V, the company is looking for investment opportunities as well as employees in a variety of fields at various skill levels. "Your Future is Our Business." We are not race or class restricted in any way but your character must be able to work for a goblin who's main interest is making gold and succeeding in business. Current projects include mythics and PvP on weekend afternoons with the help of two other guilds with the aim to build a casual raiding group.

If you have more questions, you can contact Vee#8400 or Narky#4086 via Discord, Veendell (two L's) or Narkyssa ingame. To apply, read the rules. If those suit you, an in-character interview is required, to ensure that both you and your character will fit in and enjoy your time with us. Either V or Narkyssa can set you up.

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I've known V for years at this point, she's a good GM and knows what she's doin and how to go about it and from what I've seen, the Firebrand members ain't no slouches either. They're a good group of folks and it's cause of this at we're looking forward to doin business with them currently and in the future!

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V's run the Wonderporium with me for 2+ years, and right now, she's doing her own thing, and it's already full of great folk who are fun as heck, and goodness knows she's always made sure when I was busy, to keep the guild running. She's someone to rely on!

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We're still starting out, but one of my personal goals is to get a few folks who are interested in pushing Mythic+ Keystones, and perhaps some of those interested in BGs and Arenas, if even just for the purposes of capping out honor each week.

In terms of RP, you can expect a variety of event types. I personally really enjoy the combat RP, and there's plenty of it if that's what you like. Currently working on a revised /roll 20 system that'll make for more intuitive combat.

You may also feel free to whisper me in game if you have any questions, should V not be online.

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Are you a Mechanic or Engineer? Story Arc in development, and there's an opportunity for some rewarding Mechanic/Engineer RP.

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I think Griznik would feel at home here. He is an Assassin whom happens to be a Tinker of sorts.

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02/11/2018 04:50 PMPosted by Griznik
I think Griznik would feel at home here. He is an Assassin whom happens to be a Tinker of sorts.

Feel free to message me, or V, and we can set up an interview with you.

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Quite the smarts on the leader of this little band of misfits. I highly recommend folks giving her and her group a chance. You won't be disappointed.

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Yooz guys need some go fast installed on ya vehicles. Come see me.

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Bump. Original post updated.

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What's this doing on page three?! V is a great gm and someone who runs her guild with style. Glad to see Firebrand in the mix. Looking forward to the monthly get togethers!

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Thanks, Salsbury :) We can tell terrific stories together!

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Would you lovely folks have room for a “young” naive spellthief :)

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Maybe! I added you to my friends list. Let's chat!

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If you guys are still hiring, I wouldn't mind a try at an interview. Should I shoot you a Discord message?

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Discord messages are best but I also check ingame mail several times a day. I added you to my friends list, too. And feel free to whisper me :)

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Things are really going well. We had five interconnected stories at our last event.

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I'm interested in finding work with Firebrand. Please address letters to "Fitrith" with more information on how to schedule an interview. I am certain you will not be disappointed.