[H-RP] Firebrand Enterprises 🔥

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Mail replied to and looking forward to meeting you.

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Firebrand Enterprises is a great guild for a variety of characters. Coming into it as an orc engineer, I was worried Bazuzo might not fit in with a Goblin enterprise - but that's hardly the case. Diversity in trade and origin is a real interesting strength, and makes for some fun encounters with colleagues. So come check us out, if you see me online shoot me a message!

This ad brought to you, and paid for, by Firebrand Enterprises.

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Original post updated!

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I've been with V for about a month now, and I gotta say that it's been a really good experience. She's a kind and fair GM, who promotes RP and events while maintaining control over things in her guild in a respectable manner.

As a side note, the securty wing of Firebrand Enterprises is currently recruiting soldiers, bounty hunters, and other sellswords to act as security and muscle for the Firebrand. Remember always that at Firebrand Enterprises, your future is our buisness.

Contact Urzlek, or V for more information regarding security work.

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Organized and Involved!


Sexy and Mysterious!


Your one stop shop for all things Business, Social and Fa--- Wait, wait, not that. But, an amazing place to get all of your RP Itch done so well you'd think you paid to have it done!

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Original post updated!

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V has been great to work with over the last few months. Very professional and very fun. We've made lots of great friends through her and her support to our events and projects has been very appreciated!

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I'll have to look into joining soon! Virathe doesn't have any particular issue with working for Goblins, as long as they're not doing anything obnoxiously illegal and immoral. She'd probably fit well into the research branch too. Would she still be allowed to attend events unrestricted if she were?

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The only restrictions on event attendance is your own roleplay. It's possible that attendance may not always be in character.

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Thank you for responding! I'll think on whether or not Vira is a good fit. Have a good day!

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This guild is great so far. Active membership and constant RP going on.

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Don't forget folks, we're more than a prospective future, we'll enrich ya current lifetime too.

And for those of ya needing Engineering whether it's simple mechanics or ya specialize in something, we got plenty of work for ya as well!

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I joined this guild a little while ago and I can honestly say I haven't regretted it a moment since. As long as you're okay with the rules V lists, you'll have a great time. :)