[H-RP: Events] For Sepulcher The Bells Toll

Brethren of the Horde, the Sepulcher is excepting willing souls to help protect the interests of our Forsaken home!

If you are reading this, then you are peering down a forested path of the Lordaeron reclamation venture. Seven months ago this bold project began in earnest, now we have left the thick woods of uncertainty and have entered a more winding road through a less dense section of failure. This is the most exciting part of the adventure because though the end is still obscured, at every turn is an amazing realm of possibility.

Whether you have been with us at the start, or joining us for the first time, welcome to the next phase. Should you have an interest in seeing the destination that this path arrives at, then we look forward to traveling with you.

Come with us to the Sepulcher.

We hope to see you with us every step of the way. However, should reading this parchment be the extent of our journey together, then I thank you for your time.

Herald of Brill

(( This thread will be the umbrella advertisement for all RP events in the Silverpine area, as well as related events in current Deathknell, which are all part of the Lordaeron reclamation venture (LRV).

Here is the link to the first phase thread.

The different Events will be posted below this line and new ones that come will be added. Also, some of these will have multiple weeks of occurrence, so keep an eye on date and time.))

Cult of Forgotten Shadow Sermon: A time for the undead to gather and listen to a sermon presented in the spirit of the Forsaken religion: dark shadowy goodness. While this is primarily an event geared toward undead characters, any living characters with an interest in the teachings of the Cult or Natalie Seline are more than welcome to show up as well!
Date & Time: July 25 @ 7:30pm server (Saturday)
Location: Sepulcher graveyard, WM off.
Contacts: Maerlyn

Caravan: Come to help protect the Forsaken caravan which runs from Deathknell to the Sepulcher. It’s an opportunity to chat with your brethren in death while gazing upon the beautifully dead landscape. Of course there are hazards along the way too.
Date & Time: 29th July, 8pm server (Wednesday)
Location: Deathknell (current), WM off
Contacts: Capteya or Anzl

LRV Council Meeting: Come to hear what has been accomplished, know what is happening, and contribute your thoughts on what should come next. All are welcome to come to this event, but it is Forsaken centric.
Date and Time: TBA in Aug
Location: Sepulcher, WM off
Contacts: Noslferatu and Anzl


Do you mind if I add these to my community calendar and see who might be interested in joining? Forsaken RP has always been a favorite of mine, and I definitely want to see this succeed!


Yes please. The LRV accepts help from all Horde brethren. We do not take responsibility for any sickness the living might get from being in our lands.

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Anzl thinking to herself: This is such a big week. Tonight is mining and stuff, so I don’t have to be all serious for this one, right? That’s Saturday night. Tonight…bat fangs!

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The first shipment made it to Deathknell and i have the empty wagons waiting in the Sepulcher until the ship bound for ratchet comes back. There was a wrinkle during the the run, apparently you have a threat to the reclamation efforts.

We were attacked with a mana bomb when we passed the broken tower by the side entrance to the Undercity. Our caravan was lucky to survive by the efforts of those who came. The assailant ran off before we could retaliate, but not before insulting us which clued us into knowing it is a He.

He attacked again from the trees as we were trying to rejoin the road. The arrows came from several directions, but the aim was poor. He gave a small speech about Forsaken repeating the same mistakes and that we are a plague and such, so we know he is living. Then we didn’t have problems anymore, but he said he will be back.


Capteya recieved the letter in Orgrimmar and after reading it, she went to where her wagons were being kept in the city. Tomorrow the shady Goblin will bring the black market Azerite.

On her way she noticed a new advertisement on a posting board. It was a call for a meeting regarding the new Lichking. She read it and her blood started to move a little in her veins. The date was after her delivery, she will be there to finally speak out against the unholy alliance.

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We now have all the stone and lumber needed to build a tavern in the Sepulcher.


((I see updates))

Event will start in about 4 and a half hours!

3rd council meeting is tomorrow night.

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LRV meeting tonight!

Thank you all for coming to any of the events we had since January. The LRV is now entering the final stage. This will be the last post for this thread. A final one will be made in about two weeks.

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This should end by Hollows End.

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((Made an update up top, more to add tomorrow. ))


The Sermon was great.

The caravan will be postponed this time around. There will only be three more and it will be a mini arc around Lordameer lake.