[H] Recruiting for Tues/Thur H Progression on Bleeding Hollow

Torrent (Bleeding Hollow) is a weeknight semi-casual raiding guild currently recruiting for our heroic progression raid group. Raid times are Tues/Thurs 8:30-11 EST.
Current Progress → 6/9 H BoD and 1/9 M BoD

We are currently recruiting, the roles below. We are accepting all players, the following are our highest priorities.

  • Tank → High Priority for a Deathknight, Monk, or Paladin
  • Ranged Dps → High Priority for a Mage, or Elemental Shaman.
  • Melee Dps → High Priority for a Warrior, Ret, or Rogue.
  • Healer → Resto Shaman or Resto Druid

Torrent is an active guild within and out of game focused on Heroic raiding progression on Bleeding Hollow-US (EST). We are an 18+, fun and friendly group of players who have been raiding with each other since the early days (BC, WoTLK), but most of has have been playing since Vanilla WoW. The highest activity in our guild is after 9-5 workdays, but have consistent people online at all times.

We offer a mature, but fun playing environment, all focused on having fun through raids and all other content below:

  • Mythic + keys (we love to push these all week)
  • PvP and world PvP
  • Farming for mats
  • Assaults, questing, etc.
  • Food, Flasks, and Repairs provided for raids


  • Attendance
    We are a semi-casual raiding group, we all have lives outside of game, so, we understand when you are not able to make it. HOWEVER, if you can’t make it, please inform one of the officers so we can adjust accordingly. We also expect that if you are going to be here for raid, you are here for the entire raid, unless it was mentioned to us otherwise.

  • Boss Strategies
    Watching videos or experience of each heroic boss fight is expected. We understand that there may be some learning curves, but do expect expertise after a few progression attempts.

  • Voice Chat
    Discord is a MUST for raid time. We have a fun and active discord in and out of game.

If you are Interested in joining the guild or any other questions, you can get a hold of one of our Guild Recruiters @ Staarbuck#1961 (GM) or Icideos#1683 (Officer).