[H] <Pandamonium>

<Pandamonium> is an MMO gaming community, comprised of a diverse group of adults from all walks of life, but committed to having fun. At our core are real life and online friends who have been gaming together since 2004. We have a lot of colorful characters here with strong and varied personalities, and we welcome you to the show. Pandamonium’s goal is to provide an environment free of drama, where all members show each other mutual respect. Our age range spans 18 to 66, with our average falling at 37. In addition to our home on WoW’s Zul’jin server, we have an active raiding presence in SWTOR and FFXIV, along with other games such as Ark and Conan Exiles.

Our raid team Crimson Nova is casually focused on Normal, and eventually heroic, BoD (3/9).

Monday nights are our official guild event night where anyone can join for Mythic+, Uldir LFR, PvP, or whatever else the leader for that night has selected. We also have plenty of room for folks just looking for company.

This is an adult guild for people that would like a place to call home for the long haul. We have veteran gamers, along with folks new to MMO’s, with a friendly, and fun, atmosphere. <Pandamonium> offers veteran gaming and guild leading experience, scheduled Guild events, a thorough, drama-free and active community website, a dedicated Discord server, and a mature, community oriented Guild with a strong foundation.

Feel free to reach out to any of our WoW Members or Officers with questions. Visit our website pandamoniumguild[dot]com for more information, or to apply.

If you’re looking for a casual, drama-free, mature community, come check out Pandamonium.

We are always looking for casual players looking for some fun and company. :smile:

Updated raid progress. Feel free to check out our website, or speak to any guild member for more information.

If you are looking for a casual adult guild with chapters set up in different MMO’s, check out our website or message one of our members in game. No drama, just fun!

Looking for a fun casual guild to try the new content with? Come check us out a Pandamonium[dot]com - Come see if we are just what you are looking for!

Always looking for casuals, raiders, or people just wanting to hang in discord. We also have branches in Swtor and FF14.

If you are looking for a friendly guild to call home within the Horde on Zul’jin contact any of Pandamonium’s officers in game or through our website for more information.

Progressing through the Battle of Dazar’alor. We’re a home full of mature players. Come check us out.

Continuing our way through BoD Normal at the moment. Come check us out!

Our open guild event tonight is Battle for Dara’zalor LFR, wing 2. Always looking for new folks to join our ranks.

We are always looking for more folks who enjoy casual raiding and playing together. Come check us out! :slight_smile:

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Guild has expanded very nicely in recent weeks, if you are looking for a friendly place to hang out and enjoy wow, come check us out!

Tonight is Open Guild Night, featuring some Mythic+ action.

Our raid team is currently working through BoD Heroic and the guild has weekly guild wide events. The next one is on 04/09, and will include a fun Pandaria raid run and then some mythic dungeons. Check us out and drop an application if you like what you see.

Bump for a bunch of great people

Open guild event this week involved some old Panda zones and mythic+ runs. Always looking for new folks to join us.

If you’re looking for a fun guild, look no further. Come join us! :smiley:

Do ya’ll accept or are looking for non-raiders? But folks who enjoy 5 man content and general play and/or goofing around?

Thanks for the interest Radaster! We absolutely are looking for non-raiders as well. Come check us out a Pandamoniumguild[dot]com - we might be just what you are looking for!

Sounds great, there are 6 of us looking for a home.

I’ll try to catch an officer online or if you see me online on Radaster, Nivadi, or Bufua I’d like to chat.

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