[H] [Mal'Ganis] <Outrage> 9/10M LFM

Outrage is a guild comprised of returning players aiming for CE level raiding on a more casual schedule. We have many veteran players, and some have raided at top 50 US levels, but we are now looking for a lighter schedule. The core of this group achieved CE level raiding for years and years before disbanding in Nighthold, but we are now reforming the group.

Our core group has known each other for close to a decade in some cases, and we value a lighthearted raid atmosphere. We want to clear mythic content but have fun while doing so.

Raid times are Friday and Monday 9-12 CST and Saturday 8-11 CST.

Currently seeking any exceptional players for 1-2 core spots going forward.

If you are interested, please contact us via the methods below. We aren’t interested in some tedious application process, but would prefer to just talk to people.




yes hi hello

Reminder that tonight’s normal run is open if you’d like to join and try it out

Pandas and Vulpera only

Bonus points for Night Fae

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Gimme them rdps babababbabbbyyyyyy

I like to pewpew

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Oops wrong character^

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Exuki the level 45 monk is here to PARTY


no nerds allowed

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youre a nerd

Still need a DH and some ranged

Still spots available for tonight

!!! Come slay dragons

Particularly looking for quality warlocks, mages or boomkins right now

Canadians only

I have two lower geared, but level ready toons - a mage and a warlock. They’re at the same progression. I also have a MM hunter at 60, but he’s not quite geared at all just yet.

I have AOTC experience in all raid tiers since the end of Mists of Pandaria, except for Crucible of Storms. I don’t have a lot of logs right now, though, because I was only in Ny’alotha on my warrior for a short amount of time. I can let you know which classes achieved which. I’m very well rounded in most dps specs. I also have quite a bit of experience tanking as a bear (getting the werebear form when it was current content) and I know how to tank as a blood dk. I am familiar but not as quick with a protection paladin.

happy end of 2020

To the top!

Require ranged DPS pls help

where the boomkins at?