[H] LF social/M+ running guild

Hello! I’m currently looking for a friendly guild that is interested in adding a dps hunter/monk healer to their ranks. Realm is not an issue, so long as you allow me to run with you prior to transferring to see if I’d be a good fit. I have random hours (due to work. I’m typically on until 1am EST on most weekdays (except Friday I’m on later). I’m off Saturday and typically play all day. I enjoy Wow more when I’m spamming keys or chatting with guildies.

I’m not really interested in raiding due to bad experience.

My current guild isn’t bad. I’m just looking for a change.

Hi Azitao!

We have a fun and helpful Guild over on Zul’jin. We enjoy raiding, mythic keystones, mount/achievement/transmog runs and more. We are looking to grow our family anf go into Shadowlands together.

Hello Azitao!

We are a reforming guild on Zul’Jin that is building a community for M+/Arena/BGs/Mythic CE Raiding. We would love to have you join our community!

We run all content so we would be good for you.

Hi! i would like to talk to you more about this post and what all you are interested in, currently were 5/12 M and pushing forward. Add me on Bnet at Combat#1374 to talk a bit more!