[H] <Roasted> Reformed guild!

is a reformed guild looking to build a community leading up to Shadowlands. Leadership has past CE experience. Recruiting for Mythic +, PVP, and Mythic Raiding once Shadowlands

Recruitment remains open for most classes!

[Raid Information:]
[Days:] Tue / Wed / Thur
[Times:] 7PM PST (10PM EST) - 10PM PST (1AM EST)
[Required Add-ons:] DBM / Big Wigs, Exorsus Raid Tools

Bnet: Shamel#11827
Discord: Shamel#8743
Bnet:* Rae#1385
Discord: Rae#9620

Would love to chat with new / returning and veteran players to build a community!

open to any and all classes/specs right now :slight_smile:

Also recruiting officer roles!

still looking :slight_smile:

Starting to take a close look at our mythic roster for shadowlands!

still looking for some strong DPS and heals! aswell as more people for keys!

In need of heals and dps for our shadowlands mythic roster!

we are indeed to still looking for solid people :slight_smile:

Get in on the fun! Come talk to us :slight_smile:

Healers, and DPS are welcome :slight_smile: bonus points if you have tanking offspec :slight_smile:

Where all the healers at!? :smiley:

still looking for the right person to have as an officer

More beta invites this coming week! Hype!

Where all the healers at?!

Groups of friends welcome!

looking for a bm hunter ilv467?

Currently, our hunter spots are full! We are recruiting Heals / Non-hunter RDPS / MDPS. Will update post soon. Thank you for your interest!

i want SL beta

still looking for some solid dps for SL!