[H] <Koalaty Time> (9/9N 4/9H) is recruiting! Prog W/F Alt Run Sun 7-930 CST

Koalaty Time on Mal’ganis is recruiting! Our progression days are Wednesday and Friday from 7-930 CST, and we run our alts on Sunday during the same time as an optional run. We’re searching for mature individuals who are interested in joining our progression team. Before all else, we have a friendly guild culture, and a laid-back raid environment. We’re a new guild, and we’re looking to fill a few holes to round out our roster. We have quite a few raiders who are more experienced than our own progression, and we’re progressing/growing quickly.

Our highest priority needs are:

  • Tank (Monk / DK preferred)
  • Healer (R sham, Priest preferred)
  • Ranged DPS (Mage, Priest preferred)

We provide our raiders with all raid supplies (feasts, flasks, potions, repairs, etc), our core is running M+ daily, and we’re always looking for like-minded people. We have a guild Discord where people like to hangout. We try to take care of our guild like a family, and as a new guild looking to stay around for the long haul, we’re looking for people interested in joining in on our family.

If you’d like to chat our set up a trial, feel free to reach out directly on bnet:


Best of luck in your guild search,

Shayzee / Shhbbyisok

We’re still looking, contact me to set up a trial this week!