[H] *Evolve* 2/8M LFM Tue/Weds


Evolve is back and ready to rebuild for 8.1 Evolve aims to push challenging content on a lighter schedule while maintaining a fun but serious raiding atmosphere.
We are rebuilding from a solid core group who has been playing together since MoP. Cutting Edge content is the ultimate goal going into 8.1. Maintained CE through Legion, WoD and MoP.

While CE is our goal we want to be more than just a raid team. We want to create a family in game. A place that people can call home. Most of our members are older and view the game as a place to kick back and relax. Raiding isn’t a job and shouldn’t feel like a chore. We believe in making raid fun and creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where people aren’t afraid to ask questions or offer up suggestions. If you’re looking for a relaxed, friendly group of people to play with and would like to raid with a group who values progression without the weight of a “hardcore” schedule or mentality Evolve could be the perfect place for you.


RDPS: Warlock-Mage-Spriest-Boomkin-Ele

Any and all exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply

Current Progression:
8/8 H 2/8M
(Rebuilding with a solid core for mythic)

Legion Progression:
11/11 M Anturus CE
8/9 M ToS
10/10 M Nighthold CE
2/3 M Trial of Valor
7/7 M EN CE

Raid times:

  • Tuesday: 8-11 EST
  • Wednesday: 8-11 EST

Contact info:
Btag: Jazmina#1630

376 Rogue LFraiding and M+
Warrior 362 looking for an active guild in raid/mythics
375 fury warrior LFG
3/8m 377ilv Lock LFG
Hunter/Druid 7/8H 1/8M
4/8M Lock needs a new Home
370 Rogue lookin for home 8/8 heroic
376 Resto Shaman
381 Warrior All specs
Holy Paladin/Mage LF Active Raiding Guild
4/8M Rdruid and Warrior DPS LF guild
Former CE Healer LF Guild
4/8M Rdruid and Warrior DPS LF guild
Former CE Healer LF Guild
Holy Paladin/Mage LF Active Raiding Guild
360 Holy Priest LF Active raiding Guild
Experienced Raider, 376 Outlaw Rogue 3/8M Outlaw LFG
2/8M 374 Warlock LF Guild

Looking for a reliable warlock and possibly a strong warrior dps to join the family.


Roster is really solid right now and just looking for another ranged who can show up consistently. Come join us for raiding, M+, and cards against humanity nights <3


Come play cards against humanity with us.