[h] earth go hard sat/sun 8pm-11pm est 2/2h 3/9m weekend (6 hours) Lf DPS

<Earth Go Hard> 9/9H, 1/9M is recruiting for a weekend raiding guild on the US - Mal’Ganis server. Current Progressing on opulence!

Earth Go Hard was originally formed on the Burning Legion server during T14 dubbed as Eon, and during T17 was raiding 9 hours and achieved server first as well as top 200 US. We’ve maintained the same tight-knit officer core and look forward to adding to our roster this expansion.

Raid times are Saturday and Sunday 8pm EST to 11pm EST. We have achieved AOTC after starting less than 3 weeks ago with only 11 players and will be holding a mythic roster accountable for performance. We don’t play for 6 hours and expect to waste time. Our players are all at the top of their game and I expect you to be as well. Everyone will make a mistake at some point, but how you fix it defines you and we’re looking for players that not only take pride in pulling good numbers but also execute mechanics flawlessly.

For players that pass the trial in heroic and parse at the 85th percentile or higher we are more happy to offer a paid transfer. More details can be disclosed once we’re in contact.

The guild will be providing feasts and cauldrons. You’re expected to bring your own potions and personal food in case you miss a feast etc. Augment runes are not required but recommended.

Currently we’re recruiting the following:

1 tank - Blood Dk, Protection Paladin, Protection Warrior
Resto Shaman or Holy Paladin
Havoc Demon Hunter
Shadow Priests
Death Knight

We’re not actively recruiting tanks or healers, but don’t be afraid to add me and inquire as we have many skilled players that play multiple roles.

In four weeks of organized raids we’ve went from 11 to 23 capable players. s.

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to the following:

Gliroot: Bassanox24#1232 - Recruitment Officer

Murrik: EMG#11389 - GM

Enjoy the rest of your day, and happy searching!


Come slay with us! We have a great community and people doing content throughout the week as well!

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Just some old farts trying to slay some npc bosses, get in here and join our adventures

Lil dicky approved

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Too early for this…

Would they be like Earth go hard?
Or is it just another conquest?
Or would they be like damn earth go hard

Looking for more, specially melee DPS.

Looking for more melee DPS still.

Still recruiting! I’m up for a few lets make this happen.

Looking for more Melee DPS. : )

YES WE ARE!! Inquire!

Come Trial this weekend!

Any exceptional DPS ready to trial this weekend? Perhaps a solid tank. For that matter any exceptional class or spec. We seek greatness!

We have some trials coming but we could always use more. We want to build the best team possible!
Hit us up for an application.

Grong down!

Up for having an awesome guild name

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Headed for 3/9M this week. Always looking for exceptional players. Some more melee would be great! Hit us up asap!

BDB SMOKE CHRONIC! Still looking for exceptional dps! #bigmouth

Now at 3/9M

3/9M and still looking. :slight_smile: