[H-Cross Faction RP] <The Hearthstone Tribe> Home is where your Hearth is set!

About The Hearthstone Tribe

The Hearthstone Tribe is a Horde Tribe guild that has been an active part of the Moon Guard community for over six years. We seek role-players to join our banner, for those seeking a home for their characters who don’t have a home, to join a family that continues to grow and thrive under the banner of the Horde. Hearthstone welcomes new and experienced folks, striving to provide an environment that is fun, relaxed and enjoyable for all within its embrace.

Promise to the Horde and Tribemembers

The Chieftain and those tasked in the defense and security dedicate themselves to the safety of the tribe’s people, their wellbeing and whatever home they may find themselves in.

The Tribe purposefully moves forward under the banner of the Horde, answering its calls to arms in defense of its peoples and lands to ensure a swift end to threats and dangers.

Times of Plenty are still present regardless of the dangers the Horde and its peoples, Azeroth as a whole may face. As such, the Tribe will not be idle nor simply be reactive under threats when acted upon, actions in defense will be sought out.

Regardless of what conflict the Horde may find itself in, the Tribe will stand together, united in unity as a family and never lose sights of its values and principles. Always for the Horde.


The Hearthstone Tribe represents the very diversity that the Horde finds in its unique family, talents and strengths that make up the very tribe’s cultural melting pot.

There is no application to fill out to join the open doors of the Tribe given its values.

We accept all races into our ranks and all walks and paths of life as long as they somewhat fit with the values that the Tribe champions and holds dear and near.

Tauren, Troll, Pandaren and Vulpera have a higher priority to encourage their growth on the server.

In addition, thanks to the changes in 9.2.5 and now 10.1 and to allow for facilitation of cross-RP, the guild itself has gone full cross-faction to take in Alliance neutral toons who seek to participate or join the Tribe.

To join, one would poke any members of ours who are in-game, who should direct you to an officer or prod one who may be online on Discord. In addition, we have a variety of ways to get into contact outside of the game!

Ways to get into contact:
Jab’trah: Discord - Dragojev#2901/ Jabtrah in-game / Btag: Rudolph#1669
Officers: Algrubel, Kazingo, Nyaria
Discord Server Invite: https://discord.gg/hearthstonetribe


The Tribe is still running around and RP’ing with folks! Still around and active! Our Discord is a hub of all sorts and folks should feel free to wave or poke us if they pass by, always happy to RP or chat.

Hearthstone is running around still, growing and increasing our repertoire! A revamp of events and RP! Feel free to talk with us or wave or even poke us if you see us!

You can’t go wrong with The Hearthstone Tribe! A really great bunch of people.

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The Tribe is still running around and growing despite the post-expansion Blues! Feel free to poke us if you see us around Orgrimmar or the world, we’re a friendly bunch!

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Hi! Sorry for not reaching out to you in game, but I was wondering how often your guild holds events, and if you have any sort of roll system?

No worries, my friend. Events are being rolled out to take advantage of the prepatch and roll system is being worked on as well. It’ll be similar to the one Warcraft Conquest uses.

<3 Jab! it was a delight during Conquest to Rp with you! Hope to see you in game again!!

((side note ignore the male character… armory refuses to update ))

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The Hearthstone Tribe is still alive and running around! If anyone has questions on the guild or wants to interact with us, do let us know!


Still running around and being active! Almost finishing a small guild campaign we’ve been doing!

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Bump for an Amazing Guild and GM!!

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I might be one of those filthy Alliance, but … I’ve got only great things to say for the friendliness of Jabs and the Hearthstone Tribe! It’s always a pleasure to see them at cross-faction events!


Good beans rp here :slight_smile:

A lot has happened since December!

The Hearthstone Tribe is now five years old since January 1st! Five whole years of Hearthstone Tribe goodness on Moon Guard Horde! On top of that, we’ve reorganized and have new things for tribemates and the like!

An IC progression system fitted with actual Feathers that are customizable to a specific toon for their time in the Tribe, deeds done, rank and position, to show off to people outside of the guild and for visual reference of people’s enjoyable.

Example Feather (Jab’trah’s own Feather):

If people are curious about the progression system, do feel free to ask/inquire in this thread or elsewhere!

Continuing on! We have a very active Officer core with the addition of Kohatan, Sora’nah and Algrubel Suntotem joining our ranks. Yes, Suntotem Tribe has merged into the Hearthstone Tribe but it is not the end of that Tribe as who knows what may lie in store in the future!

So our officer core as it stands now rounds up as Zonta, Kaz’ingo, Kohatan, Sora’nah and Algrubel. Aside from the new officers, our membership has tripled from its slump and we’re more active than ever! Weekly RP events, social nights, D20 Training and content to poke and do together to have fun with!

If you’re a Tauren, Troll, Vulpera or a Pandaren, it’s a good time to be running with the Hearthstone Tribe! All other races are equally as welcome as the Tribe accepts all into its ranks, from new RP’ers to veteran/experienced ones!

So come on down and join the Hearthstone Tribe!


The Tribe has returned from Alterac with encountering trouble on their island, eventually turning out to be that it’s the Venture Company for an unknown reason! A pending raid on a Venture Co camp is scheduled this week!

We have slightly updated officer core! It stands rounded up as Zonta, Kaz’ingo, Kohatan, Nyaria and Algrubel! Aside from the officers, more members continue to join our tribe and home. Weekly RP Events, D20 Combat and more!

If you’re someone who wishes to join with a Tribe that adapts to the new reality of Azeroth, a home for Tauren, Troll, Vulpera, Pandaren and elves, it’s a good time to be running around with the Hearthstone Tribe!

So come on down and sign up with the Hearthstone Tribe!

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Very neat! Best of luck buddies <3

Good mornin’ and a brand new era is here for the Tribe! With the new feature of 10.1, the Tribe has gone full Cross-Faction and we will be accepting neutral Alliance characters into our ranks going forwards.

A time of much change and excitement is upon us as the Tribe toils ever onwards in its path of helping those around them and within their ranks.

If you wish to join, do get in contact with us!


The Tribe is up and moving up and about!

Got an upcoming event with new faces and old, new feathers being made. Good amount of progress done for those who are interested in Tribe RP and the Horde!


Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Dala’jin, how did you get in here and what are you going to do with that dagger?”

That’s not important right now. What’s important is that we’re still open, active and recruiting as always. :slight_smile:


(flaps about making bird noises)

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