H Crimson Brotherhood recruiting


Ladies and gents, we are small group of friends that have been hammering down together for a number of years and FINALLY decided to up and make our own guild.

We are active in Mythic+, with groups running all ranges of keys and our highest group currently hanging around the 15 a 19 key mark.

We are looking for cool people to hang out with. Gear and experience aren’t an issue.

You’re more than welcome if you’re new or returning from a break or you’re just looking to get in on some keys and get some loot with a fun group of people. We don’t take much seriously ( we joke around a ton during keys ) and are looking to grow a community that is based on helping each other.

We are forming a raid team for Shadowlands and looking to add quality players of any role with an emphasis on ranged dps, a tank and healers . Raids currently will be Tuesdays and saturdays @ 9pm EST The plan is to use these raids to build cohesiveness and morale headed into the expansions raid content.

If you’re having a hard time finding some quality people to hang with or are just looking for a fresh start hit me up on BNET and we’ll get you situated.


We’re not 12/12 normal, and pushing H very quickly. Looking for a few more to bolster our ranks for SL. We are more than happy to help you gear up, and host guild functions for fun.

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^ this guy lmao. We are now 9/12 heroic until friday when we will be 12/12 heroic. We need a BRM some ranged deeps and a healer or 2 still