H <Calm Down> Family Friendly guild pushing content Zul'jin!

Having a hard time finding a guild that is family friendly, but yet is still wanting to push for AOTC? or that high M+? or High End RBGs? You have found the right home!

We are looking for people that want to play end game, but are looking for a more friendly chat and discord! We are looking to build a community that can spread across all realms and games!

We are a christian based guild, but don’t let that stop you from joining! Our goal is to do WoW together! Just like life. It is very hard to do on your own. Lets have fun! Lets go!

We will plan to raid one night a week to start. Right now that is either Monday or Wednesday. Leaning towards Wednesday. Raid time 8-10:30 est time! We are planning to AOTC on all contents! IF we have another that want to raid another night, but not on your main character we will start another raid night with “alts”. These nights will be the same as your main nights. There will be expectations set for raiding. Come prepared! Flask, food, pots and a great attitude!

Mythic Plus
We will be pushing these at least 1 night. We will do more if there are people looking for it! The day and time is still under consideration. There will be expectations set for M+. Come prepared! Flask, food, pots and a great attitude!

We want to do a dedicated pvp night. Whether that is RBG’s or Battleground nights! Arenas are an option, but not a focus. High Expectations for PvP! Let’s put a woopin’ on those Alliance!

Other Nights
We will plan other events as well! Farming mats for raids and M+, Transmog runs, group bible studies and lots of other events we can add!

If this sounds like a place you want to join, please hit me up ingame or here on the forums. Send me a ingame message on Drabel, Moomack, or battle tag Olduk#1825.

Look forward to pushing content!

Still searching for some people. Bump

I would love to speak to someone about joining. Great to find other Christians

Hey Fourrloko, Hit me up ingame and we can chat more.

added, talk to you soon

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