[H] <Assault> Late AotC weekend guild on Thrall server LFM

Raid times are 7-10 PST (10-1 EST) on Fri/Sat evenings.
Currently 7/8 H, 1/8 M VoI, but we do light progression in Mythic post-AotC to keep things interesting. Other post-AotC activities include achievement runs for current and previous tiers and M+ groups and pushing for KSM.

  • Adult oriented guild that is understanding that other things take priority; very understanding if things come up that require you to miss a raid from time to time or wanting a break. We also take raid breaks before new patches and for all major holidays to prevent long-term burnout.
  • Cauldrons and feasts are provided. Most consumables beyond that are optional (unless requested for close kills) with the exception of enchantments which can be provided by the guild.
  • Outside of WoW, we play other games, as well. We have a few who play League, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy, and a handful of Steam and console games.

Highest priority need for recruitment right now is DH DPS & a ranged DPS that is not a hunter. I only recruit for positions that I intend to fill and keep filled for a long period of time; no one gets benched and there’s not a rotating roster of raiders. Players who can play the above but also be flexible and change classes or specs for different types of content (raid, M+, PvP) are highly encouraged to apply.

If you intend to apply, I do not care about your logs. We want quality humans over quality DPS - meters can be improved, attitudes can not. If you are wanting to get into Heroic raiding, we are very patient and helpful and willing to help you take that next step. We have several raiders who raid with us who have gone onto Mythic guilds or continue to raid with us in a stress-free capacity away from their Mythic guild, so we have ample resources to teach and help one another.

Add me on BattleNet (limbrok#1655) to inquire about trialing. You can leave a message even when I’m offline and I promise to reply within 24 hours.


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Come join us! We’d love to have you. :blush:

Made it to Pain/funsmith last night! Still recruiting several high priority DPS spots! Check us out :slight_smile:

quick bump :slight_smile:

Working on Fatescribe! Still have room for a healer and some key DPS positions! 7/10 H and nearly to AotC, come join us :slight_smile:

Still looking for more - currently working on H Sylvannas

Bump for H Sylv+

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Bump for H Sylv and 9.2

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Have a few spots open for 9.2. Shamans are high priority (resto or DPS), hunter DPS, and we do have room for any NON DRUID healer. Will consider other classes/specs, so feel free to reach out. At this time, I do NOT have room for a shadow priest, warlock, druids of any spec, or tanks. However, being able to tank for M+ as an offspec is a huge plus.

Reach out to me - limbrok#1655 (BNet) if interested!

bumpity, maxcharacters

To the top! ~~~

We have a druid named Buuty what else do you need?

Let it be known that Bowjobs spelled it as “Butty”… not Buuty

Lots of shake-up this season with people taking time away and having real stuff come up, so have plenty of room for people looking to finish out the final raiding season strong! Come join us!

bump - still looking

Bump! Great guild with chill people and always fun to raid in. Come join us and see :slight_smile:

H Denathrius is dead bringing in our first Heroic final boss kill of the final season. 2 more to go!

Just looking for a warrior or DK DPS at this point. Bonus points if you can offspec tank for M+. Contact details in the original post. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Cleared all fated heroics and had a ton of fun doing it, come and see for yourself

Still looking for the last couple of melee DPS to fill our roster! Reach out if interested :slight_smile:

Come join us, we have too much windfury and not enough melee