[H-Area 52] *Firestorm* Open Recruitment For Shadowlands

Is a Horde guild on Area 52 forming for the remainder of BFA and into shadowlands.We are currently trying to build a consistent group of raiders that are Heroic focused but have Mythic aspirations going into shadowlands, But focused on adding the right personalities to our raid team.We keep our guild relatively small in order to form bonds and friendships with our fellow members. Our top priority is to make people feel like they have a home and a group to raid with tier after tier. we understand raiding should be competitive but at the same time, shouldn’t be a second job! We are a small but tight-nit guild that looks forward to progression kills with our friends.

Our tight-nit group is very active. Discord usually has people on that are seeking to hang out with. We run M+ basically every night, sometimes before and after raid nights. Some of our player do hit the arena rating hard, and Dungeon/raid achievements.If this sounds like something you interested in, I’d Love to chat more!

Please feel free to apply at: forms.gle/GaWM4iPhEUQCEcmb7

Raid Times:
Tuesday & Wednesday 9:30pm(est)-Midnight(est)
Progression:12/12N, 12/12H,5/12M
If you have questions, Feel free to contact me or fill out our easy app that will allow us to get in touch with you:)

  • Discord: Slip#9595
  • Bnet: Calamity#12814
  • App: forms.gle/GaWM4iPhEUQCEcmb7

Little confused. Are you running 2 teams or 1 team 4 nights?

It’s 2 teams, 1 goes on tue/wed 9:30 - midnight

2 goes on thur/fri 10pm-1am est

hey legias. Yeah sorry for the confusion, but yes we have 2 teams. One team starts @9:30pm-midnight (est) and the other @10pm-1am (est) Th/Fri