[H] 8/9M <Tyrannosaurus Rekt> Horde - Hyjal, TH/Sun/M, 7-10PST, LF DPS + Healer!


HIGH Needs: (Not in any particular order; we would like to add several ranged, and a healer or two)

Shadow Priest
Ret Paladin
Elemental Shaman
Resto Shaman (would like you to be able to play both - this is ideal for Jaina Mythic, BUT you will be a longterm investment. I recruit for the longterm, not for the short term)
Havoc DH

Medium Needs:

  • any exceptional DPS, though pref to non-warrior plate and non-feral druid leather classes (we love cats, but we have our token cat already)


  • Good attitude! We don’t like hanging out with Negative Nancy or Ragaholic Ryan.
  • ilvl 400+, neck level 40+ (or close enough), 2/9M experience or better (or previous mythic experience). If you don’t exactly hit those on the character you’re applying on but you’re willing to put in the elbow grease to get there, we’d love to hear from you!

Recruitment Contacts
Calibris (Calli#4308 on discord)

Still reading? Yay!

Henlo! In this essay guild recruitment post, I will be discussing the guild Tyrannosaurus Rekt on Hyjal and its recruitment needs.

Tyrannosaurus Rekt is a CE-oriented guild founded just before Uldir began, at the time raiding on 6 hours/week. We fell just short of our goals last tier (1.1M wipe on G’huun ;^;), but this tier we aim to bolster the ranks and bring the pain.

This tier, we added a farm night (Thursday), but are maintaining our original progression hours of Sunday/Monday. Most of us are adults in their early 30s, and several of us retired from top 20 or better guilds to kill bosses as efficiently as we can, while also finding every means possible to shtpost.

If you’re the kind of player who loves to run M+, post pictures of your cat/dog, or just really likes dinosaurs, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

I’m eating hawaiian rolls for breakfast

It’s a good thing Salty Shaman are ok because i’d have to find a new guild otherwise.

or is it just that it’s a good thing you aren’t named nancy or ryan

also why did this forum default to my monk lolol

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We post cute pet pics daily. What else does anyone need?

I need a hero. I’m holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night.

Rawr, Rawr, Rawr, Rawr, Rawr, Rawr.

Translation: if you are an awesome person and like to kill internet dragons come play with us!

You say this from a hero class

which I can say because you aren’t VDH

Come heal my hunter butt, or beat me on the meters. I want some new frands.

Still looking for some awesome people to kick butt and take names with!

Great guild and people! P.S Cali is awesome. You won’t regret joining them!

Conclave died

We are more than half way through! Yay 5/9! Come join us for the rest!

We have cake and dinosaurs. It’s great fun.

We are 6/9 now fam! Time for robots and exploding sheeple!

Could still use some good DPS. Would like another hunter to me Mailbuddies with Astheria!

Come join me in a hunter cuddle pile, or on the ranges shooting range, or heal me better than my kitty. Come to the trekt side, we have RAWRs

I really really want you to check us out, bc we are pretty awesome.

This is a weird and fantastical place. Do it.

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Come as you are, as you were, as we’d want you to be.