[H] 8/9M <Tyrannosaurus Rekt> Horde - Hyjal, TH/Sun/M, 7-10PST, LF DPS + Healer!

Just come really :-p

Really fun group to play with, come help us kill Mekkatorque!

L-lewd… :open_mouth:

Hey, it’s a new week, that means you should come raid with us <3

Calling all Shadow Priests, warlocks, hunters! We have dinoRAWRS (or something!) and also two MTs who make bad jokes

We will also take resto shaman, MW, and havoc DH - forgot to mention that

We have a lot of fun and our jokes ARE NOT BAD THEY ARE BRILLIANT.

Got mekka to 25% join us!

Henlo we would still like to add some ranged, a melee, and a healer to our family

I have updated our post because we killed a lil gizmo and my warrior got BiS shoulders

We have fun, and stomp and kill bosses. Join us :smiley:

Starting Jaina

Lots of room for exceptional DPS!

also im obsessed with diablo on switch, sorry if i take a bit to process apps

We’re getting good progress on Jaina, looking for dps to finish out BFDA and going into Palace.