[H] 1/9 M seeks Tank, DPS and a healer

Hey folks,

What we are looking for:
Tank: Prefer Blood Death Knight, Brewmaster
Melee DPS: Wind Walkers
Range DPS: Mage (Frost High Need), Shadow Priest(High) Hunter
Healers: Exceptional Players
Off-spec dps/heals are always a plus!

This does not mean because your class in not listed that we won’t open a spot for you. We are always interested in talking with exceptional players of all classes.

We are Defiance on Shadowsong/BoreanTundra. Defiance is a casual-core or semi-hardcore guild. We raid three hours three days a week, Tue-Thur-Sun 630-930 P.M pst. We are also active with mythic plus keys, leveling/gearing alts, old content, etc., and just having a good time, for real, you won’t find a more laid back down to earth guild that pushes end game content. We are an adult guild, mostly 20+ (some well above that, you know who you are!). We are looking for competitive, intelligent, and humble players who want to enjoy the game with like-minded individuals. Yes we want you to min/max and push yourself, but we are not, and do not want, elitist and do not care for a know-it-all types of players. We strive to maintain a drama-free environment with positive attitudes.

Bnet: AaronC#11555
Discord: Shamy(Aaron)#1760

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