Guys PLEASE switch to stalagg

Well, for starters, we don’t know how realm pop is being calculated atm. I doubt the populations showing now are actually people sitting on that servers character creation screen or are currently reserving names. Secondly, there’s gonna be a mass influx once the game releases, if what’s being shown is accurate, they’re gonna need to open more servers for launch day. Lastly, long term, nobody knows what the population of any realm will be like.

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Seems like you cant take a little bit of competition…like in these forums people representing their servers and just a little smack talk.

Maybe you should try a pve server.

I’m fine with competition and banter, it’s in good spirit. Though your post was a bit cloudy to me on whether you were being genuine or not. Bringing in the highly debated streamer topic into the server consideration made me lean to the former. If it was just in fun competition, I apologize for the misunderstanding ^^

I deleted my character on Herod because long queues are not fun. One less gnome you’ll have to deal with on Herod. So, you’re welcome?

Population is based on active players online, which there would be realistically no one because making a character takes a minute or less.

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Myself and 4 others might roll on Stalagg.
Were going to roll on Grob but the bickering back and forth…“you don’t RP so we don’t want you and will report you” is getting out of hand so we’re considering a different realm.

But none of us are subbed so no toons were created.

Relaxxx you don’t have to tell people about it, because on launch day many people will probably roll on it for being low.

Herod will be living hell the first few weeks, good luck.

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My group of friends and I are already bringing up a possible switch from Herod to Stalaag. Roughly 24 strong

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Only because they lowered the threshold of what is medium/ high/ full, not because more people rolled on them.

Why switch … I say hell no… I think Blizz deserves all the crap and flak they will get about Q times from folks on different servers… Should have started with more to begin with … Its not like they didn’t know millions of people were waiting for classic…

Somewhere, someone thought it would be a good idea to start with 11 NA servers.

You want people to switch ?? You think you do, but you don’t …

I switched to Stalagg just for you! I’m sure you’ll appreciate my altoholicism and addiction to fishing when classic finally drops!

I noticed fishing in classic was not as difficult as it was in vanilla … So whats not to love. My first 10 cast I missed 1 … In vanilla I would have missed 4 to 6 …

I like how when your skill improves, you can fish from a higher location. So I’m always searching the lands for huge cliffs or bridges I can fish off of, not sure why I like it, I just do.

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I just hope they give us realm forums soon.

Stalagg sounds lame ;( , rename it Chromie and i’ll re roll 100%

Come launch day Stalagg will end up full like the rest of them. Honestly I just now saw the new server info posted as I type this. Considering it wasn’t pre-announced I am sure many other gamers (work, school etc) don’t even know it’s a thing yet either.

For a vibrant community anything is worth it. Just don’t start complaining when the low pop server is dead. With convenience should come risk.

They literally gave people a 1 hour heads up about the server. Most people didnt even know about it, probably still dont know about it. I also dont think its going to get to high pop before launch.

Its when launch hits and people on Herod/Whitemane realize its 2+ hours to log in every night that, people will finally go to stalagg

I agree, it will probably rise today. Their notice was insanely short. They should’ve posted last night that they were opening a new realm today, it would’ve had a better initial response.