Guys PLEASE switch to stalagg

I was able to pull the same main name on both Stalagg and Herod. Within the first couple weeks it will be apparent where to go.

They stated in the Q&A with Tipsout they would likely be offering transfers, but they made it sound like this wouldn’t be an option at launch. Primarily to allow friends to move to where their friends are. Also it’s gonna happen if a server is overpopulated and there are low pop servers they want to balance to. Free transfers at some point.

Well, it better be like 2 years down the road or something after all the phases and the game has gotten stale. Any sooner, and it will fracture server communities. On “full” servers offering free transfers in Vanilla, and in TBC when the server going in to TBC looked nothing like what it was.

Edit: That last sentence made no sense. Let me say it again lol. Server transfers made is so that the community going into TBC was nothing like the community it was in Vanilla. It was almost a brand new server. And it sucked.


Calm down, friend. From the activity in the Stalagg Discord server it’s going to be a solid realm. You can’t base population off of a server being launched on a weekday night with extremely short notice from Blizzard. Not to mention when launch night rolls around and people get their 70,000 queue for Herod they’ll promptly cancel that and swap to another server so they can actually play. We don’t need to beg or plead for Stalagg players - trust me, we will have more than enough.


Probably this.

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Good one…

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Faerlina is the real server.

Faerlina is the really screwed server.

Corrected for you - mostly just in jest, I do like that we can’t even play the game or servers yet and there is already so much realm pride, just like there used to be before cross-server. So in that spirit, Stalagg here to represent!


Fearlina will always have a solid community, and stay high pop.

Stalagg is where the people go who are afraid of pvp and Brazilians.

Stalagg is a PvP server though. Checkmate?

I don’t think these are actual real servers with hardware dedicated to them. Blizzard likely uses virtual machines. Several of them will be running on one host machine.

I can’t imagine in 2019 that Blizzard would running real boxes or even blades. Do they even still make blades anymore?

Was Afraid of real pvp vs rank 1’s.

Oh no the mean streamers might gank me… lets fleeeeeee to Stalagg…

I’m thinking about it once I get off work tonight

Hey, feel free to be condescending over it all you want. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people would like to avoid the community that follows in the wake of streamers. I enjoy watching streamers, I however do not want to consistently be forced to put up with the worst of eggs in those communities that spawn hate and harassment ‘for the lolz’ and for their streamer. More often than not the streamer isn’t at fault, so I watch their content, however the crazies act disgustingly in the streamer’s name and muddy their name. If you want to play with the streaming community, there’s nothing wrong with that, and I genuinely hope you have a blast. But do please stop being a child and trying to demean people for not wanting to play Classic the way you want to play Classic. Or don’t, I frankly don’t care. It’s simple to ignore :stuck_out_tongue:

As soon as those Streamers move on to other games, that server has a great chance of turning into a ghost town.

Just like a paper mill closing down after 80 years in a small town. The town slowly whittles away.


Please don’t switch to Stalagg.

I dont want to deal with an overwhelming amount of layering and mob competition while I’m playing on it.

really? lul

Was simpler to ignore than spend time responding…

Not really, one post like that isn’t worth ignoring, especially when I’m doing nothing but reading forums right now anyways.

Yeah No one wants to waste half a month on an account that they won’t use for retail.

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