Guys PLEASE switch to stalagg

bliz gave you a new server with none of the issues of the other ones and it’s still LOW after TWO hours???

two days ago theh other realms went to medium/high within a single hour


Relax. Give it till the weekend. Some of us are at work.


I don’t get these “Come to my server” threads thats been popping up over the last 2 days. Relax, populations will grow/settle over time.

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I think this is more of a “get off my server” thread.


Removed for updated info.

No they recently put the server back up, and added one up.

EDIT: Sorry, i forgot to add proof.

Rolled over from Herod to Stalagg. Got 2 of the names I already had on Herod and Physician…wanted Doctor for my priest…but it is what it is.

Low still means it has a healthy few thousand players. The “Low” of now is the equivalent of a “Med” or “High” now

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number will go up a lot by launch day. Still a lot of people coming back who refuse to re-up until launch. I still think were going to end up with a couple more servers come launch day.


Rolled over to stalagg, got some pretty good names. overall should be a pretty healthy server

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I’m crossing my fingers Stalagg fosters a healthy community. I don’t want it to become the tourist server, I’d like to actually roll there.


Staying on herod. The population ill be healthier. And the server will be healthier long term. The more serious players will be on Herod - those that bothered to reserve names. I’d rather deal queue times and such instead of a dead server.


Here’s whats going to happen. Day 1, stallag still low pop… servers open up. Herod- 5 hour que. People nope out and switch to stallag. Stallag is now med pop. Have a good day


i mean you gotta think how many people that dont actually read forums, arent aware of the new server, dont really care till launch day etc, its going to hit full just the same


They re-calculated the populations required to hit thresholds (i.e. they added more layers) so it will probably be up to medium this weekend and maybe high next weekend as more people subscribe to declare their server.

True, but the people who aren’t keeping up with the forums - how serious are they? The is a generalization, but i’m willing to bet that the people who do follow the forums will have more staying power than those that don’t.

The same people that take these risks not not deal with the queue, will be complaining and wanting server transfers when their realm is dead.

I am willing to bet the vast majority of what will be the Classic Tourist do not keep up with the Classic forums.

As to your 2nd statement, you do realize playing on a not so high pop server to level up to 60 then transferring to a higher pop server isn’t a draw back, right?


Chill, it will fill up soon enough.

Two days ago everyone was pushing at the gate like it was a Walmart selling Tickle Me Elmo dolls at Christmas. Now that the dust has settled a little, people will likely start trickling in over the next week.

What if people find out that the server hardware for Herod is better than that of Stalagg?

Are you saying they will allow server transfers? That would be terrible. Server transfers absolutely messed up server communities in Vanilla.