Guild Rework

Guilds are diversely used in WoW, but I think a lot of players only notice guilds as the basic housing of a raid team. Features such as scheduling calendar events, guild bank, and even guild chat are not fully utilized or are replaced by third-party sites nowadays like Discord. Even guild tabard design elements have remained the same since the game’s release. With factions coming together, transfers no longer being sold, and a lot of the barriers being removed in the game, being a part of a guild will be less and less commonplace alongside PvE and PvP teams.

I’m wondering if there is a way to make guilds more attractive and engaging. Guild achievements once did this in Cataclism with mixed results. Yet, we haven’t seen even aesthetic guild achievements added in a long time. Guild challenges and unique rewards in MoP was another great addition that was not made evergreen.

I think there’s a lot of space with guilds to do something really cool. Guilds tie the fabric of all of the rest of the game together and highlights the importance of community to overcome the hardest challenges in our MMO.

Thank you! I’ll end with a list of (admittedly very hard to implement) ideas <3

  • Guild order hall, achievements displayed on way or mementos unlocked on display in the guild space. Order hall being customizable, or at least matching the guild’s selected colors.
  • Discord partnership with WoW to connect events made in Discord servers to the in-game calendar w/ signups, guild chat being reported in Discord, etc. (Probably an unrealistic ask but would be really cool :slight_smile: )
  • Guild achievement revamp, adding more, making it an evergreen system. Guild bank more stocked for repairs if guild plays more together.
  • Enable placeholders for guild banks, so organization/etc can be kept even if guild members take items/add items. Allowing the bank to fit the specific purpose of stocking the guild’s events.
  • Guild login screens, so you can see other members of your guild that are online walking around in the background or something would be neat.
  • Guild toy to plant our banner.
  • Unlocking the hardest achievements for the guild (CE, Gladiator, etc.) will make the guild name under the player’s name a different color.
  • Increase guild member cap to accommodate larger communities.
  • Update guild UI to be smoother, less buggy (not saving changes, closing out randomly, etc.). To fit the modern game.
  • Open up some sort of way for guilds to advertise in game. (Maybe through the above-mentioned banner!). Some sort of very short description of the guild and what they are recruiting for would be cool.
  • Maybe allow guild members to have unique interactions with one another in game. Like putting an arm around their shoulder, high fiving, or something else entirely.

Thanks again!


In many ways it feel that guilds are a secondary idea to the game, they aren’t really needed or that much useful anymore as a system. Even in Cata classic which is the expansion that brought perks and etc. they removed the need to level them or to be in them for some of the perks.

Many times the answer to player problems when pugging has been to tell them to join a guild but the game doesn’t really push you that way when you can do most content either easily solo or with a pug.

I think it would make sense to have some way to include a discord chat in-game as this is where most people nowadays hangout.

I would like some perks, bonus and levels to come back as personally this was the biggest reason I joined a guild when I wanted to start pushing content and it felt more natural to do so. Even if for many “cesspool guilds” like they called them were sometime not that great for me it was a starting point and I met some people from them and we made another guild to raid together.

I also really like the idea of a guild hall or guild garrison and maybe even have some kind of community events tied to them. Being able to see your guildmates more often when the only massive activity you do together is often raiding or just mythic raiding as this is the only content not really for pugs.

The cosmetic side is also not to forget, but I think just cosmetic banners is not enough to make me personally super interested they could easily had some type of bonus when using a banner like the rep ones.