Guild and Communities suddenly gone "Unavailable"

Hello, I suddenly have this issue despite playing the entire day. I have 2 accounts and both “Guild and Communities” tab is now showing “unavailable”. I have the regular problem of chat missing that I’m just adding to Main Chat window every time I log on but losing the entire functionality seems drastic.


Same here.

I was on earlier in the day then logged off to do some chores and have dinner. I just logged back in and my Guild and Community tabs say “Unavailable”.

Edit: I just checked on an alt that is the GM of my bank guild. I share that guild with my daughter. When I mouse over the Guild and Communities tab it says “This feature becomes available at level 10”… for the GM! This character is only level 2, is only a bank toon with a guild bank for storage.

I just had this issue happen to me as well after our raid

I’m also having this problem across characters and have confirmed with GM that my status with the guild has not changed.

Having the same issue here

Just started 20 min ago when I switched characters.

Dead on Muradin as well

Saurfang just went down too.

Seems I can’t open my guild roster / community tab on Horde, Area 52, either.

What I can do, however, is type /guildroster and that pops up the old interface. The new one, though? Yeah. Can’t seem to bring that up.

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Same, across servers on my account. I am guildmaster of my little RP community and cannot access guild functions at all. I do receive my message of the day at login, but that’s it.

Same, Tichon, I’ve requested a new community and then happened, all alts is same,issue

Same, on Perenolde.

Update: 10:34pm I switched from 1 account to another AND the Guild/Communities Button is back! crossing my fingers.

My issues with the guild communities section as a guildmaster I can’t even open guild settings because it isn’t there. Then on other accounts couldn’t even load guild up gave unavailable.

Exiting game, logging out of bnet, and logging & launching from scratch has fixed this for me.


After two hours that’s what finally worked for me also.

I can not see guild chat on one of my toons.

Just to add to this, that my priest was having this issue for the last few days. When I logged on to him today, it was all working, but then when I switched back to my mage, he was now no longer able to se guild chat, or the roster, etc., despite having been fine a few hours before.


oh, it’s work for me, thanks

Its not working for me to. I had some issues today with world quests, so it might just be having a moment.