Can't change to all my characters in forums

Hi. I was changing to my characters earlier with no problem. All of a sudden I can only switch between 6 characters all of which are my lowest level characters. Is there a fix?


I’m having trouble changing characters, too. The Chrome developer tools indicates a 404 error coming back from this REST request URL:

The form data is:
name: Ronduwil-pagle

Here’s the full response:

“errors”:[“The requested URL or resource could not be found.”],

I’m having the exact same issue.

As of today, this character is the only one I have available on Firefox. Logging in with Chrome, I have NO characters available, and a message that I need a level 10 toon to post on the forums.

The issue was fixed for a few days, and now it’s back.

I’m having a similar issue. Everything was fine earlier in the day, and then suddenly I got forcibly switched to Eyre, here. If I try to change characters, Eyre is the only one that shows up. It can’t be that my WoW licenses are inactive, because I can still actually play on all of them. And I haven’t gotten any notices about any bans, etc.

I’m unable to change characters still, though my other characters have re-appeared in my list (clicking them does nothing). I’m using the latest version of Firefox (80.0.1) in Windows 7.

I can change characters with windows, but not in android on phone.

This is frustrating. I suddenly can’t access the character I post on normally. Since post history is linked to the character rather than account I can’t even check regular topics I’m watching.

Check out the pinned topic.

Specifically the part below. Also, it is likely worth logging out of and back into the forums after you log your character out of the game to refresh everything here.