[Guide] Addons for Transmogging

There are some wonderful addons to improve your Transmog collecting and outfit making experiences, so I thought I’d list the ones I use with a little bit about why I find them helpful. :slight_smile:
(The name of the addon is also a link that will take you there. Fancy new forum features, woo!)

Transmog Tokens
This little beauty puts a tooltip on Tier tokens or other items used to buy gear you may pick up while farming all the things. It says where to turn them in, and if there is an appearance from it you’ve yet to learn, as some older tokens have two sets that may be learned off them.

Can I Mog It
This gem adds a tooltip to all pieces of gear, letting you know at a glance if you can learn it on that toon, if you can learn it on some alt, if you already know that look or if you cannot learn it at all.
It also puts completion numbers in the Sets window for your Appearance tab, so you can easily see if you are 5/9 of a set or whatnot.

Monar’s Wardrobe Helper
This one keeps track of what you are missing from each instance and gives an overall completion % for each expansion. Perfect for those who want to get all the looks!

All The Things
This one helps you find things you need to collect still, like Monar’s, but for everywhere and everything. It’s a little heftier and keeps track of vendor items, quest items, pets, professions, all the things!

This really helps to find items you don’t know the appearance of yet on the Auction House. It creates it’s own little shopping window, full of things you have yet to learn.
Quite the nice addition for those AH shopping sprees!

This is basically the Wardrobe, but with a different UI. It has a little more functionality, is easier to closely examine gear and create outfits with, in my opinion, and it works in conjunction with the next two addons.

MogIt WowHead
This adds a slew of sets to the MogIt UI, showing a full set of dungeon pieces, BoE sets, questing sets, basically like the built-in set UI for the Wardrobe, but for all the things. A trifle outdated, but looks to be complete up to the first part of Legion. Useful still for the older set looks.
requires Mogit to work

MogIt SetTransmog
This is one of my must-haves. It works off your MogIt wishlist, the saved sets that you made on there.

The Wardrobe only lets you save 20 outfits total. This one lets you transmog into all of the sets you have saved with MogIt. Which is 108 right now, in my case.
Yes, infinite saved set list!
requires Mogit to work

Transmog Outfits
This one will also remove the restriction of 20 on the amount of sets you can save, but without going through MogIt to do it, if you’ve no wish to use more addons than strictly necessary.

Happy transmog hunting! :kissing_heart:


My only issue with mogit is how buggy it can be sometimes. It’s amazing for theorycrafting transmogs, though. I haven’t checked out any of the others so I’ll have to do that when I have time.

Yeah, it’s a little weird around the Emerald Nightmare period, I do believe. I don’t think things are actually missing from display, it just takes what you are wearing and replicates it a few times in there.

Seems to be fine, other than that.

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You’ve never had it randomly decide that every item in your bag is a piece of equipment and force the character model preview to always display? That alone makes me turn it off whenever I’m doing stuff other than solo content since it’s so irritating, but as far as appearances go, yeah when item IDs had a hard time separating normal from heroic from mythic raiding gear it would all just show up as normal, but that was an issue with the armory itself too at the time I think.

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I haven’t seen that happen, no. I’ve had it display my weapon when I want to check on something else and added no weapon at all to it. That’s quickly cleared by adding a weapon and removing it though.

It could use some updates overall, but it’s still a very powerful tool for transmogging and I use it over the basic Wardrobe UI still.

Interesting, it’s probably just not getting along with one of my other addons then. But yeah it’s definitely way better than the default wardrobe, you can’t even check out other armor types or tier sets or opposite faction gear with the default one, which is fine if you only want to mog for the toon you’re on, but pretty restrictive.

Add on called Transmog Outfit increases the max outfits to unlimited instead of 20.


Like MogIt SetTransmog, but using the Wardrobe UI?

Sweet, I’ll add that one in then, thank you. :slight_smile:

I was thinking about more Back transmogs, Such as Backpacks with gear and such on them or hanging from them, or small animals or children in them, maybe mechanical gadgets, weapons, shields, Quivers with long arrows , Banners, and/or flags (similar to the mount ones, Like samurais), Wings either real or ethereal, other effects ,an animal or skeleton or something strange attached to your back , lots of possibilities.

Someone pointed me in the direction of the mod CollectionShop. This should definitely be added to the list to help people track down uncollected mogs on the AH.

I’m looking for a mod that lets me filter Auction House results to only those items for which I don’t have the appearance learned yet.

Could have options to only show an item if I haven’t learned it specifically or if I haven’t learned it from any item that shares its appearance.

where do i find the portable transmorg animal looking thing?

The mount with the transmog NPC on it?

The Grand Expedition Yak can be purchased off a vendor in Kun-Lai Summit, Pandaria.

how would i get there?

I finally got a moment to check this out, and it’s super nice for AH shopping. Added to the list, and thank you!

hey i was just wondering about artifact transmogs coming out before shadow lands like i told the gm i did not know that the druid grizzle maw skin was going to go away other wise i would have spent all my time trying to get it i had some RL stuff going on at that time so i couldn’t really play as much as i wanted to just think it would be nice to try and get the artifact skins before shadow lands comes out

Thank you for the list. Links might be out of date due to Curse Addon Links. I would have added them here but twitch’s ownership of Curse was bought out in 2020 and no new information yet.

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Thank you for taking the time to bring this information to us.

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It looks like you can still download from the linked pages. I’ll see if I can find alternate links if/when that no longer works.

This is awesome! TYVM!!! :slight_smile:

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