Guardian 4pc Nerf - LOL

Nice QA blizz.
35% nerf to “bring it in line”
Did someone misplace a decimal???
*edit - I am referring to the state of the 4pc in the patch release, not the fix. The fix was very much needed.

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They do big nerfs all the time. It’s never a good feeling being on the side of a nerf.

It’s obvious they never did any significant testing on the guardian druid tier set for mythic+


What QA?


I saw a guardian druid do 100k dps on a pull in sanguine yesterday, 35% is absolutely a legitimate amount to nerf it by


So I’m guessing you didn’t see what bears were doing with 4pc.


looks at bears doing 40k+ on regular pulls in M+ with only Incarn

Yeah, I can’t imagine why the 4p is getting nerfed.


You could’ve stopped here and been more correct. lol


Yeah, anyone who thinks this nerf is unwarranted hasn’t seen what bears can do, even if they don’t do huge pulls.

Even with a purely defensive build, 40k on regular 2-3 pack pulls is completely normal. If you actually itemize for damage it’s even more absurd.

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Man I feel sorry for Guardian Druids. Every expansion it’s up and down for them. One minute you’re a god, next you’re licking dirt with the prot warriors.


Prot warrior are bottom shelf for life.


It’s almost like feral got the nerf in ptr that was needed for bears and bears got the buff needed for ferals in live and then all hell broke lose. Seriously, it seems like something is getting lost in middle management translation with this saga.

And I’m not sure 35% will bring them in line. They were doubling some DPS specs in certain dungeons.

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just sad after all these yrs things like this make it live.

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Sometimes some things sound great on paper, then the harsh reality sets in afterwards. pours out a beer for the guardian druids

Thats low.

Wouldn’t surprise me at all

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Me neither.

Because my cat sure didn’t feel like it got a huge buff this week.

New employee in the production chain, not the best handle on what spec does what, few email chains where people aren’t being precise, could totally see it.

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Feral hasn’t been a real spec in ages now, play something that actually helps the team like boomkins. Going into groups as ferals at this point is just trolling and killing keys be default.

If anything more tanks need to be buffed! We should be trying to make tanking fun in the game.

Make all tanks do loads of aoe damage. Nothing wrong with letting tanks have fun. We need more people to play tanks.

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Maybe you should play feral.

Damage and AOE isn’t the reason most don’t play tanks.

It comes down to:

  • Willingless to be leader - most people are followers not leaders. It’s stressful to be a leader too.

  • Toxicness - Players will insult the tank if they “mess up” or think they did…example atal’dazar M+, I was tanking it and didn’t take the “meta route” yet we still timed it with plenty of time, but I was being insulted the whole time for not taking the meta route by 1 person.

  • No ways to learn how to tank. New players get booted if they aren’t speedrunning low level dungeons as tanks with no chance to learn how to play at all.

  • Knowledge to learn new meta routes for every dungeon and every exact pack to pull and what to avoid. It’s too troublesome, so easier to DPS and follow the tank around.